Stalker Song Contest Ends Today

The stalker song contest ends at midnight today East Coast USA time. I’ll be turning comments off on the thread then. Since there has been so many fabulous entries I’ll be giving away more than one signed copy of Love is Hell and am thinking of throwing in some Liar samplers if people seem interested.

You have until midnight tonight. Make sure you enter over there not here.

I may be announcing another contest this Saturday. Our house is overflowing with authors’ copies. It’s ridiculous.

Now back to my finish-the-novel death march.


  1. Nicholas Waller on #

    “death march” – that reminds me, Ashes starting tomorrow. I know, a Wednesday. And in Wales.

    Did you spot your man Langer last week? He captained Somerset (where I am) to an unlikely victory over Yorkshire with a 476-run last innings total in 86 overs on the final day – and yet Langer himself contributed only 24. Great stuff, the 2nd highest 4th-innings total to win in the English county championship’s 145-year history, after some 502-run effort in 1925 by Middlesex. A few minutes after we won the heavens opened, so we just avoided the draw.

  2. Jerry Stewart on #

    I’m excited to see who wins. I would love a signed edition or Liar sampler, either one. Good luck to all.

  3. Rachel on #

    Ooh, would love either! *Crosses fingers*

  4. Steffie on #

    Poo, should have check this blog sooner! Had a good song too. Oh wells, good luck to all the people who entered 😀

  5. Adrian on #

    I can’t believe nobody put “Every breath you take” by The Police

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