And the winners are . . .

It proved absolutely impossible for me to choose from among all the amazing stalker song entries so I got Scott to pick six numbers between 1 & 116. (That’s how many entries there were: one hundred and sixteen!)

Scott went to for the numbers thus they are truly random.

The winners are comment numbers 49, 49, 109, 98, 4, 25 and 114:

  • 49: Cristina:

    Faint by Linkin Park:
    “I am what I want you to want, what I want you to feel
    But it’s like no matter what I do
    I can’t convince you to just believe this is real”

    “Sin miedo a nada” by Alex Ubago [translated to the best of my ability]:
    “I die to beg you
    That you don’t leave my life
    I die to hear you
    Say the things you never say
    But I keep quiet and you leave
    I keep hope
    To be able someday
    To not have to hide the wounds
    It hurts to think
    That I love you a every day a bit more.”

  • 109: Zahra Ali:

    Oh no, someone told me I posted a song that was already posted. I don’t know if that’s allowed 🙁

    Just in case, I’ll post this one:
    OKaysions- Girl Watcher

    I’m a girl watcher, I’m a girl watcher…
    Watchin’ girls go by, hey, my my
    I’m a girl watcher, I’m a girl watcher…
    Here comes one now…

    I was just a boy when I threw away my toys
    And found a new pastime to dwell on
    Whenever I detects them there of the other sex
    I play the game I do so well on

    Mumble something female, my my, but you do look swell
    Could you please walk a little slower…
    Wonder if you know that you’re putting on a show
    Could you please walk a little closer…

    My second creepiest song. He’s FOLLOWING her, it freaks me out xD Hope it creeps you out too!

  • 98: Morgan Says:

    Does a parody song count? My friends and I made a parody of Stop and Stare by One Republic called “Stalk and Stare” The chorus goes-

    Stalk and Stare
    I think about you all the time
    I swear
    You are mine and I will never share
    oh oh ooooh

    Stalk and Stare
    When you are alone
    I am always there
    So tell your Boyfriend to beware
    oh oh ooooh

    Stalk and Stare
    I love the way the moonlight
    shines on your hair
    Without you there would be no air
    oh oh ooooh

    It keeps going and gets pretty crazy.

    But if it has to be song I would go with “Somebody’s Watching Me” By Micheal Jackson. This one of course is from the stalkee’s point of view. I want to know how no one thought of this song though!

    When I’m in the shower
    I’m afraid to wash my hair
    ‘Cause I might open my eyes
    And find someone standing there
    People say I’m crazy
    Just a little touched
    But maybe showers remind me
    Of Psycho too much
    That’s why

    (I always feel like)
    (Somebody’s watching me)
    And I have no privacy
    Whooooa, oh-oh
    (I always feel like)
    (Somebody’s watching me)
    Who’s playin’ tricks on me

    Then there is also “Kelsey” by Metro Station

    So take one word you said
    You put it in your bed
    You rest your tiny head on your pillow
    You wonder where you’re going next
    You got your head pushed to my chest
    and now you’re hoping that someone let’s you in
    Well I’ll sure let you in
    You know ill let you in
    Oh Kelsey, you.

    So don’t let anyone scare you
    You know that I’ll protect you
    now through the thick and thin
    Until the end
    You better watch it
    You know you don’t cross it because
    I’m always here for you
    and I’ll be here for you
    (I know x3) I know how it feels believe me
    I’ve been there and
    (I know x3) I know what it feels like
    tell me Kelsey

    And I’ll swim the ocean for you
    the ocean for you
    whoa, oh Kelsey
    and I’ll swim the ocean for you
    the ocean for you
    whoa, oh Kelsey
    (i hear you darlin’)

    Find More lyrics at
    Now it’s gonna get harder
    and it’s gonna burn brighter
    and it’s gonna feel tougher each and every day
    so let me say, that i love you
    you’re all I’ve ever wanted
    all I’ve ever dreamed of to come
    and yes you did come
    i want you so bad (so bad)
    can you feel it too? (it too)
    you know I’m so, I’m so in love with you
    i want you, so much
    i need you, so much
    i need your, i need your, your touch

    and I’ll swim the ocean for you
    the ocean for you
    whoa, oh Kelsey
    and you never ever let me in (let me in)

    The entire song is full of stalkerish sayings!

  • 4: Remula:

    Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Catch You

    One of my favorite stalker songs, haha. XP

  • 25: Erika:

    Definitely Helen Hunt by Hank Green. Hahaha

    Um… Plain White T’s are very stalkerish… Hey there Delilah, You and Me, Write You a Song, and I could go on…

    You Found Me by Kelly Clarkson, kind of the other person is the stalker here. I mean just read the chorus:
    “You found me
    When no one else was lookin’
    How did you know just where I would be?
    Yeah, you broke through
    All of my confusion
    The ups and the downs
    And you still didn’t leave
    I guess that you saw what nobody could see
    You found me
    You found me”

  • 114: Tom Says:

    There is a song called the stalker song by the Australian comedy group Tripod. It sort of misses the point a bit because it’s meant to be a little (read: a lot) creepy. It is pretty funny, though.

    Check it out:

So. Man. Very. Creepy. Songs. So glad so many of you realise that stalking is not a sign of love!

The first four get a signed Love Is Hell plus a signed Liar sampler and the last two get a Liar sampler.

Winners please go here to send me your snail mail address. Or direct message me on Twitter.


  1. Palefire on #

    Oooh, lucky lucky people!

    I was just cooking dinner and humming to myself…and then it hit me: “Baby It’s Cold Outside!” I had to run here to see if anyone mentioned it, or if the winners were announced. 🙂

    Seriously though, “What’s in this drink?” Potential date rapist songs were never so adorable.

  2. Justine on #

    I’m starting to think that all songs are stalkers songs. It’s disturbing!

  3. Julia on #

    Congrats to the lucky winners. 😀

  4. Justine on #

    Palefire & Julia: Don’t worry there’ll be more giveaways.

  5. Julie-wa on #

    congrats everyone!

  6. Diana Peterfreund on #

    I think I’m going to need a ruling on the Plain White Ts. How is “Hey there Delilah” a stalker song? My stalker threshold is pretty low and I still don’t see that at all. It’s a very sweet love song about a guy thinking of his girlfriend very very far away!

  7. Lucia on #

    I was about to complain about Alex Ubago’s song being considered “stalking”, then I played it and listened to the lyrics again.
    The song became popular as a duet with a female singer, which kind of softened out the stalkiness xD.
    …but if you listen to the lyrics it really is a bit creepy.

  8. mb on #

    I think many love songs are, if not stalkery, at least disturbing. I remember once really listening to Billy Joel’s “Just the Way You Are,” and thinking, wait, wait, “I don’t want clever conversation”? Clever conversation strikes me as one of the most important things you can have in a relationship. What the heck is wrong with that guy? Oh, that’s right, he doesn’t want to work that hard…

  9. Ariel Zeitlin Cooke on #

    I always thought Sting’s Every Breath You Take should be called The Stalker Anthem:

    Every breath you take
    Every move you make
    Every bond you break
    Every step you take
    Ill be watching you

    Every single day
    Every word you say
    Every game you play
    Every night you stay
    Ill be watching you

    Oh, cant you see
    You belong to me
    How my poor heart aches
    With every step you take

    Every move you make
    Every vow you break
    Every smile you fake
    Every claim you stake
    Ill be watching you

    Since youve gone I been lost without a trace
    I dream at night I can only see your face
    I look around but its you I cant replace
    I feel so cold and I long for your embrace
    I keep crying baby, baby, please…

    Oh, cant you see
    You belong to me
    How my poor heart aches
    With every breath you take

    Every move you make
    Every vow you break
    Every smile you fake
    Every claim you stake
    Ill be watching you

    Every move you make
    Every step you take
    Ill be watching you

    Ill be watching you
    Ill be watching you
    Ill be watching you
    Ill be watching you…

    I mean, how creepy is that when you really think about it? But maybe it was too obvious to win.

  10. Cristina on #

    Ever since the contest I’ve been hearing stalker songs everywhere. My sister and I were playing some music around the house the other day and during every other song that came up one of us would look up and say “did you hear that? stalker!”

    Lucia: You know, I actually like the song better when he is singing it alone. not that I dont like Amaia of course…

  11. Patrick on #

    Diana – I think it was the inspiration for the song, not the lyrics that makes it stalkerish — about a girl he met, but never dated.

  12. Diana Peterfreund on #

    Does the average radio listener know that? I never did, and I played it at my wedding!

  13. Patrick on #

    Well, I’m the wrong person to judge a wedding song. My wife walked down the aisle to Darth Vader’s theme and our song was “Turn My Head” by Live.

    I think some people were just putting down any love song and calling it stalkerish – ’cause Justine swings that way.

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