The Wonder of Cassandra Clare

The third and final book in Cassie‘s trilogy, City of Glass, came out recently and it’s been selling like you would not believe. She’s at no. 12 on the USA Today list, which means hers is the twelfth fastest sellling book in the entire country. Not just for YA, not just for fiction, but for ALL books. Isn’t that incredible?

Her trilogy, The Mortal Instruments, is no. 4 on the New York Times series list. Also a very hard nut to crack because they count the cumulative sales (in the previous week) of all titles in a series. There are only three books in Cassie’s series but some of the other series have four or seven or more books. So cheating!

Go, Cassie!!!!!!

City of Glass is my favourite in the trilogy but I cannot tell you why without spoiling it and, trust me, you doesn’t want that. Go forth and read. Though make sure you read the first two cause otherwise the third one won’t make sense.

If you want to congratulate Cassie on her phenomenal success and you live in New York City then today you can. She’ll be appearing at

Books of Wonder,
18 West 18th Street
New York, NY


Beth Fantaskey, Lisa McMann & Elizabeth Scott

In other news New York City remains cold and Houston continues warm. I am not sure why I came back here. Especially as the Mexican food is so much better in Houston. If I could I would move into Hugo’s and live there.


  1. Kylie on #

    Wish I lived in New York 🙁 Even if it is cold, haha. Everyone is in New York (everyone who’s a writer, at least, and they’re the only ‘everyone’ that I care about). Maybe I should go to college in New York.

    City of Glass was probably my favorite of the series too, because of what happens with [SPOILER]. Kind of like yesterday’s post here, but I think the two of them are the cutest thing ever!

  2. Justine on #

    Kylie: I got rid of the spoiler in your comment. But just wanted to let you know that I entirely agree. That was my favourite bit too!

  3. Sherwood on #

    *rubbing hands*

    I can hardly wait. Wow, this is shaping up to be yet another fantastic year for YA.

  4. Justine on #

    Sherwood: You have much joy in your future.

    I would too except that I can’t read anything that ain’t 1930s related. So for me it’s just Eric Luper’s Bug Boy on the horizon.

  5. Ellen on #

    *sigh* Yet another reason I should move to NYC… All of the cool people are there! And have book signings >.>
    I’m looking forward to reading City of Glass as soon as I have a chance to pick it up – I loved the rest of the trilogy so far 😀

  6. tigressflowers on #

    I bought the trilogy on Tuesday, when I went to go meet Scott and Cassie at their signing. I got there way early, and started reading City of Bone. Last night I was a third of the way through City of Glass, and I screamed in frustration, because I totally guessed everything and Clary and Jace never actually *listen* to anything they are about to be told, and threw the book across the room, and then read the epilogue to make sure I was right about what I was thinking, and I was. So now I can relax and do my schoolwork, and finish the book later

    (P.S. I was doing so well too about not reading the end before I finished the book, I’ve been really bad about that lately)

  7. Malcolm Tredinnick on #

    City of Glass is getting a huge amount of publicity in various Sydney bookshops, too. Dymocks in George Street has devoted one of their front windows(!) to it (the smaller of the two front displays, but it’s still 20-plus square feet of window display space. I’ve seen it in prominent places in a couple of other shops around town, too. Yay for simultaneous release dates.

  8. V on #

    I liked City of Ashes better because of the urban setting, and I also think City of Glass wrapped things up too neatly. Plenty of Magnus action throughout the series, though, so I can hardly complain 😉

  9. Sarah Rees Brennan on #

    USA Today! I am overcome by the brilliance. I shall go disport myself joyfully on the fainting couch.

  10. Rachel on #


  11. Carrie on #

    USA Today!!! What awesome news! Hurray for Cassie!!!!

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