Yay Iowa

So now Massachusetts, Connecticut and Iowa1 have legalised same-sex marriage. Hurrah for all three states!

Which state will be next? I hear that Vermont’s governor is all set to veto the pro-love bill there. Which is weird, I honestly though Vermont would be one of the first states to give the green light to same sex marriage. Because I live there half the year, I’m hoping New York will be next, but the forces arrayed against love in my US home state are pretty strong.

Any of you got any bets on which state will be next?

I wonder too how long it will take before same-sex marriage is legal throughout the United States. I’m starting to think that it will happen in my life time. Wouldn’t that be fabulous?

  1. At least I can spell “Iowa” without having to look it up! []


  1. lori on #

    NH may be next. There’s some activity in the legislature there to pass a law for marriage equality. That would be great for us in MA, because we’d have 3 of 4 neighboring states (if VT overrides the upcoming governor’s veto, and it looks like they might) with marriage equality. Go New England!

  2. Cat on #

    I hope more states pass the same sex marriage bill in our lifetime. We can only hope and teach the next generations that come up about tolerance and not to fear what is different but to embrace it. I have never understood the fear some people have regarding marriage and same sex. Two people willing to commit to each other and try to make a life together should be a time of celebration. It usually means love and good will and happiness. Be happy for them and wish them well. I have no clue what states are brave enough to move into the future but I applaud their efforts. AND I am so proud of New England!!!!

  3. Kylie on #

    Vermont, somehow, has a Republican governor, yes, and he’s poised to veto the bill. However, I’m very hopeful that a couple representatives get behind the bill (seriously, not even a handful, just a few more…) so their house has the two-thirds majority to override the veto! I think they can do it. I’m rooting for them. Also rooting for NH and California is going to review its policy soon. I loved reading the decision of Iowa – the justice had it completely correct. There is no constitutional reason not to allow these people to get married, too; separation of church and state, everyone!

  4. Tracie on #

    Iowa I’m particularly impressed with being a midwest state…

    Great to meet you in person, Justine!

  5. Jude on #

    I thought you might find this blog post interesting. It’s from the Map Scroll, and it’s called “Mapping the Future of Gay Marriage.”

    “The United States seems inexorably headed towards marriage rights for gay couples – but how long will it take to get there across the board? Nate Silver has an answer. ”


  6. Nif on #

    I still can’t believe gay marriage is legal anywhere in the USA. I wasn’t expecting it in my lifetime.

    I’m not holding out much hope for my current home state, Pennsylvania.

  7. Amber on #

    I have no clue which state will be next, but I definitely think it will happen for all the States in our lifetime. I was actually surprised that California banned it in the past election – I thought for sure that they would be one of the first states to accept it! (& keep it, since that seems to be what isn’t happening)

    Kylie: I actually know of some churches that accept it, so it’s not that all are against it.

  8. christy on #

    Maine is working on it, as well. It could very well pass the legislature, and certainly be signed by the governor, but there’s also a thing there called the People’s Veto that allows for any law to go to referendum. All controversial laws end up in referendum, and that stopped a more general anti-discrimination law a few times before it eventually passed in 2005. But when supporters went out on election day this year, asking people to send postcards in support, they got three times as many as they expected. So I have hope.


  9. Kaethe on #

    Christy, thanks for linking that map. While I’d rather live in one of the enlightened state, I kind of take heart that mine is predicted to be the last. Thank you, South Carolina!

    I’m looking forward to living in a David Levithan world.

  10. Guin on #

    Vermont legislature overrode the veto! Woohoo!

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