Answering your letters

I just finished going through and answering all your letters. *mops brow* Thanks so much for writing to me. I hope my responses arrive okay. But alas there were some bounce backs.

Because the volume of letters has been going up in the last few months, and I’m not getting any faster at answering, 1 I’ve decided I’m going to respond to questions asked on this website first. Especially the questions asked on the FAQs. That way the answer will be available for everyone and not just the people who email me. That’s fairer, right?

Currently I have four FAQs:

  • There’s the Personal one: Where you can ask any questions that don’t have to do with particular books or writing. But let’s not get too personal.
  • The one about Writing: This is where I answer all those tricky writing questions. I’ve answered many already so before you ask yours check that it hasn’t already been asked and also have a squizz at the posts on writing.
  • About the Magic or Madness Trilogy: This is where you can ask questions about the trilogy. Don’t read if you don’t know the books. It gets VASTLY spoilery.
  • And lastly there’s one for How To Ditch Your Fairy.

Before too long I’ll add a Liar FAQ. And I may add a publishing one. Though at the moment those questions are under writing.

Thus endeth the admin message. As you were.

  1. Unfortunately, writing my books and responding to my publishers has to be the top priorities. []

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  1. hope on #

    Would you mind telling me how many letters you get and how quickly you answer? I understand if you don’t feel comfortable with that, but I am curious at what point authors get overwhelmed and stop answering their mail.

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