Free books

At the book shop appearances Scott keeps being offered a free book as a reward for his hard work and charming-ness. We keep choosing mass market paperbacks because we’re travelling and running out of spaces. Last choice: the latest Naomi Novik. (I started it last night and it rocks.)

If you were asked to choose one book from your favourite book shop what would it be?


  1. Sir tessa on #

    That’s a horrible question, Justine! My brain, it is writhing in agony!

    If I was in a pragmatic sort of mood, I’d pick something otherwise expensive, or that I wouldn’t normally spend money on.

    If I wasn’t, I’d go for whatever is at the top of my ‘must get’ list.

    And if I was feeling ambivilent about the whole thing, I’d make someone else choose for me.

  2. jenny d on #

    I just got the new Naomi Novik yesterday & started reading it last night also!

    When I am given this chance, I always pick a brand-new hardcover, bang for buck…

  3. Matt on #

    I agree with Tessa; my mind reels at the thought.

    Does this assume current stock in a given bookstore, or can we pretend they can get their hands on anything (within reason)?

    In either case, I’d *probably* go with something I couldn’t normally afford–art books are crazy expensive. Maybe a hardback edition of something I really love. But just one? I’d die of indecision.

  4. Eric Luper on #

    I would pick one of the Sabuda pop-up books. That way I wouldn’t hate myself quite as much when I inevitably rip something in there.

    Ever since I was 2 I’ve been ripping pop-up books.

  5. sherwood on #

    I would want to pull some books by my fave authors out of the future and into my hands now!

  6. shelly rae on #

    I’d be happy with the new Naomi Novik or the latest Sharon Shinn. Happy travels.

  7. Lissa on #

    Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey (if you’re in a exquisitely detailed mature fantasy series mood)

    Marked by PC and Kristin Cast (if you’re in a YA vampire mood – liked it for it’s different method of becoming a vampire)

    Making Money by Terry Pratchett – his new hardcover – funny funny funny!

    And so many more… 🙂

  8. Marlena on #

    The 4th keisha’ra books by Amelia atwater rose (because I haven’t read it yet)

    one of your books (because *cringes* I haven’t read them yet)

    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in hardcover- (because mine is destroyed from a million readings)

    The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson ( because I haven’t read that, either)

    or, if we’re talking about a magical bookshop (which is my favorite kind of bookshop!) paper towns, by John Green

  9. hillary! on #

    The illustrated edition of *Stardust*, by Neil Gaiman.
    But I would want alot of the books you guys have already mention. But I would prolly just end up doing what I always do: either get a book I’ve never heard of by an author I’ve never heard with a really fool cover, or have my friends choose for me.
    It usually always works.

  10. Dawn on #


    it hurts my brain to try.

  11. ariel cooke on #

    the attolia trilogy by megan whelan turner. i keep meaning to read it and you just reminded me.

  12. Aislinn Ai on #

    any book? any book at ALL? does it have to exist? because if not, i would choose ella’a book from ella enchanted. you know, the one that has pretty much anything you want? like when she can read char’s diary? which is definitely an invasion of privacy, but…

  13. isabella on #

    Just one? oh my… that would be so difficult. Probably whatever’s at the top of the must-have list so far, or a bestseller. Or just something that looks nice and shiny and gives off an appealing cry of “read me, read me!”

    ^^ella’s book from ella enchanted! omg, that is such a good idea!

  14. Laura on #

    — Extras.

    BUt I already have it !!!!
    Can’t buy too many copies though 🙂

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