Toes, passports, and other misadventures

If this is Sunday it must be Oakland. What do you mean it isn’t Sunday?! But this is Oakland, right?

Scott is silly

Today has not been one of my better efforts. Let’s see:

    I almost broke one of Scott’s toes,

    Put the “signed by” sticker on several of his books upside down (worst jacket monkey ever),

    Left my bag with our passports in it behind at a restaurant and then managed not to hear the poor waiter sprinting after me and shouting with said bag in hands (but we got the bag back! yay most excellent waiter!),

    Fell asleep in the middle of Scott reading me this thingie he’s working on. (He is a most excellent reader. I have never fallen asleep while he was reading before. I plead exhaustion.)

Where is the rewind button? I would like to start over please.

Here’s hoping the actual Sunday goes much better especially as there’s a chance I might get to meet Alice Walker. I loved The Color Purple so much when I first read it that I immediately read it a second time. I can’t remember how many times I’ve read it since then. She is a genius. I love her essays every bit as much as her fiction.

Oh, and if you’re in the San Francisco area Scott is doing a whole bunch of appearances. I’ll be at all of them, most especially the one we’re doing together:

Tuesday, Oct 9
Books Inc.
Opera Plaza
601 Van Ness Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94102
In-store reading & signing with Scott.
A Not Your Mother’s Book Club event

I’m very happy to sign my books for you even at one of Scott’s events. I promise that I will try my best not to break any of your toes.


  1. janet on #

    Sure looks like Oakland. In fact, I know exactly where Scott is standing.

    I recommend the Cockadoodle Cafe for breakfast; if you’re staying near the waterfront, it’s in the neighborhood. I had breakfast there this morning — lemon ricotta pancakes, omg!

  2. isabella on #

    Oh my… sounds like a dangerous day. That was very kind of the waiter…
    don’t wory, tomorrow will always be better 🙂

  3. Kadie-Wa on #

    at least it was sunny when you were there! it would have been bad if it was rainy and gloomy.

    i love that picture of scott. it’s so funny!

  4. Liset on #

    3 cheers for san francisco!

    can’t wait to see you both on TUESDAY!!!
    that is,
    if i don’t get lost on the MUNI…hmm

  5. Patrick Shepherd on #

    And I’ll try and find a hole in my schedule to see you on Tuesday also. That bookstore is only about four miles from my house; it would be inexcusable not to come see you!

  6. Lori S. on #

    I am going to miss your Tuesday appearance. Sad! But I will look at the calendar and see if I can catch you elsewhere while you’re in town.

  7. Laura on #

    — psychotically lucky !!!!

    I wish I could drive 4 miles to the book signing.


  8. Patrick on #

    Laura, drive four miles and wait for the booksigning to come to you.

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