an urgent question

Kadie-Wa needs to know the answer to this question:

Iā€™m still wondering about gathering the extra part of your shirt up at your side. would that look good, or weird? i mean, when you take your shirt, and pull it over to your side and pull if off with a rubber band/pony tail. okay, or not? thax!

Personally, I think it’s a DREADFUL idea, but I am deeply conservative about clothing that reeks in any way of the 1980s. I did it as a teen and it was not pretty.

What do the rest of you think?

Maybe, Cecil Castellucci, who actually thinks footless tights are a good idea (!) is down with it?


  1. Caroline on #

    Oh, dear God, no. This is a far, far worse idea than footless tights

  2. Eliza on #

    Wait, doing this now? No way! But if she were writing a story set in the 80s… maybe.

    We had round plastic things with a bar through them (kind of like a no smoking sign) to pull the shirt business through. The 80s truly were a dreadful time in fashion.

  3. isabella on #

    A lot of people did that last year, but it seems to be fizzling out.

    Yes, alright, i admit it–I did that once last year too. It was… horrendously embaraasing, and I haven’t done it since. >.

  4. Elodie on #

    footless tights are the ugliest thing in the universeeee

    and creepy bunched on the side shirts make no sense, unless it is really-really-really hot and you are bunching it to make it shorter.

  5. Ally on #

    My grandma does that.. except she uses those things that are like cirlces with a line trough them and then like loops the shirt through..*shudders*

    (hey theres a preview thingy now)

  6. Kadie-Wa on #

    i’m blushing. i wore my shirt like that maybe a week or so ago. i guess i should try to shrink the shirt so that i won’t have to do that again!

    thanks justine! it helped!! šŸ™‚

  7. Rebecca on #

    It screams 80s to me. That’s how all the kids depicted in my high school textbooks dressed. When I have a ginormous shirt, I usually cut it up myself and make it smaller if I wanna wear it that badly. (Though that’s had disastrous results too.)

  8. cecil on #

    I can only respond that I think that is a terrible idea. There is nothing worse than an ill-fitting t-shirt. Bunching it up, and any rubber banding of it, is a social faux pas.

    The only acceptable thing to do with a too large t-shirt is to deconstruct it.

    cecil “I’m wearing footless tights right now” castellucci

  9. alisa on #

    what about taking the middle of it and bunching it up in front and them pulling it down through the neck and out the front? is that okay? *g*

  10. Elodie on #

    alisa, that is DEFINITELY okay.
    as long as you carry around a video cam to film people’s reactions to it and post it on youtube šŸ˜‰

  11. celsie on #

    The image that comes to mind is those plastic circlets that looked like neon prohibited signs that you wrapped the shirt tail into.

    I agree that these should not be brought back into current fashion. Along with the tucking the bottom through the neck. I saw a girl in the parking lot with that look last night, and it brought a shudder to both me and my husband.

  12. Patrick on #

    I pull my front t-shirt bottom through the neck hole to make a wonder-woman top. don’t women find this irresistable?

  13. ariel cooke on #

    I don’t mind footless tights. they remind me of college (sarah lawrence). but the long t bunched at the side has GOT to go! it is all wrong for human body proportions. even leggy supermodels look like dwarves who’ve had their legs hacked off at the knee in those.

  14. e. Lockhart on #

    I don’t mind the footless tights as long as we keep calling them tights and not leggings — because onece they’re leggings, then we will be seeing everyone’s back end all the time and I don’t need that.
    Also, sometimes it is quite hard to make tights and shoes look nice together, and footless tights leaves more footwear flexibility, which is always good.

    re; the shirt tie up. I think if you have a shirt that buttons down the front and can tie it up in front, but over to the side with a t-shirt is — argh….

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