Footless tights

To the person who got to my site by googling “is it bad to wear a long t-shirt with footless tights”:

Yes! It is very very very bad indeed. Burn those footless tights immediately. And long T-shirts should only be worn to bed. Not out on the streets! What were you thinking?


  1. zebediah on #

    ha ha! i am in math calss!

  2. cecil on #

    Oh no! I am totally Obsessed with footless tights, for they look ever so fabulous with my clogs! I wear clogs every day! And socks with clogs = weird!

    I agree that one should never wear footless tights with a t-shirt, unless they are leggings, and you want to be laughed at.

    But footless tights with mini dresses, cute skirts, and fabulous dresses – I say OK !!!

  3. Dawn on #

    hah!! That’s great!

  4. Iris on #

    i adore footless tights! but not with long tee shirts. thats wierd. i only wear mine with skirts, mini dresses, and once colorful ones and shorts but it was crazy dress down day so i was supposed to look stupid.

  5. Kadie-Wa on #

    what if you take a rubber band, or a pony tail and gather the tee shirt up at your side? and wear it with jeans?

  6. Adrienne Vrettos on #

    no footless tights? then what am I supposed to wear with my “relax don’t do it” t-shirt and jelly sandles?

  7. Zayas on #

    Well there are worse things to be done with footless tights…Like wear them with tight tops. And heels. Ha.

    It’s scaryyy….

  8. cherie priest on #

    Dear sweet merciful heavens, yes it’s bad. It was bad in 1987 and it was bad during its brief and terrible resurgence in 1992 and it’s bad now, too. Bad bad bad. Just … bad.

    If it looks cute with footie-less tights, it would look even better with knee-high boots. That’s my motto.

  9. hillary! on #

    I wish we’d gone to school together. Then I wouldn’t be the only one making fun of all these strange new fads.

  10. marrije on #

    wait… this is back? goodness. must start bracing myself for the return of big permy hair, then. and shoulder pads! are they here yet??

  11. Justine on #

    Adrienne: no footless tights? then what am I supposed to wear with my “relax don’t do it” t-shirt and jelly sandles?

    Burn them too!

    Destroy all manifestations of the fashion of the eighties and seventies!

  12. amy fiske on #

    methinks you’re going to hurt cecil’s feelings…

  13. isabella on #

    googling footless tights… lol

  14. cecil on #

    it is true, amy fiske. I am crushed…

    *holds on tightly to her footless tights through the tears*

  15. Diana on #

    I wear footless tights…. to yoga class.

    I suppose you could also wear them to tap class, or modern dance class, or any kind of class with the word “dance” in it.

    My single fashion rule used to be “would you be caught dead in this if it wasn’t in fashion?” but then I fell in love with pants-tucked-in-to-knee-high-boots, which I never would have worn before, not being a pirate, but now love. I will be so sad when that is out of fashion again.

  16. Laura Lutz on #

    I’ve seen some 20-somethings around Manhattan *rocking* the legwarmer look. I thought about wearing it myself…

    But I ultimately decided that, since I was old enough to take part in the fad the first go-around, I am probably too old to partake a second time, yeah?

    Footless tights = cankles. ‘Nuf said.

  17. shloopy on #

    Before long, we’ll be back to big and frizzy hair. At least I wouldn’t have to work at all to do that one.

    There was a 70’s and 80’s day at my school a while ago. It was really horrifying.

    down with the tights!

  18. Dess on #

    If we went back to frizzy hair being in, i’d be set.

  19. Kadie-Wa on #

    I’m still wondering about gathering the extra part of your shirt up at your side. would that look good, or weird? i mean, when you take your shirt, and pull it over to your side and pull if off with a rubber band/pony tail. okay, or not? thax!

  20. Luna-la on #

    i think that shirts gathered at the side of peoples waist’s look weird most of the time. kinda like a growth or something. If you know what i mean. Once i did see one person pull it off and look really cute though. You could be one of the few.

  21. Luna-la on #

    oh!!! Sorry i forgot. I do think that footless tights are totally in though. And even when there not i am still going to wear them because they are fun-making!

  22. Liz on #

    I could have been the one Googling that two weeks ago but, alas, I wasn’t. (I wore footless tights and a long shirt to look like Edie Sedgwick for Homecoming Week (any way to get out of uniform is a good way). I don’t see the hate for them unless they’re paired with another skimpy piece.)

  23. Rosalie (no, seriously) on #

    Um, wow. I wear footless tights to dance because tights get really nasty when on your feet for to long. REALLY nasty. They don’t breath so they are sweaty and blackish. Ewww!!! Why are they so hated? . . .

  24. Ashley on #

    Yes footless tights are back. Punk teen girls wear them. Fashionable South Korean girls (where I live and teach English) wear them. And in the movie Twilight, which came out in 2008 and is based on the currently popular teen fiction series, Bella, the main character, wears footless tights under her calf-length prom dress.

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