Magic or Madness turns Japanese

Guess what? The entire Magic or Madness trilogy just sold to the Japanese publisher, Hayakawa Shobo. That’s right! I’m going to be in Japanese! I can’t tell you how over the moon I am. Woo hooo!!!

Ever since I first heard about the whole foreign-rights thing there were two languages I’ve been desperate to be translated into: Spanish (cause I speak it un poco) and Japanese on account of my Japan obsession (oh, okay, mostly Kurosawa movies, Kimba, and now manga).

I screamed when I got the email. And started entertaining fantasies of a manga adaption following on from the straight translation. How cool would that be?

Now we just need to get a Spanish-language publisher to pick up the books and my life will be complete. For the record this is the ninth country that has bought the trilogy and the seventh language other than English.

I love being a writer. Especially when cool stuff happens without my lifting a finger. Bliss! Thank you, Whitney Lee, for all your hard work. You are the very best!


  1. Maggie on #

    That’s wonderful, Justine!!! Congratulations!!!! 🙂

  2. zebediah on #


  3. Zayas on #

    While manga, kurosawa, and kimba are awesome…There are other wonderful things that come from Japan, Justine! Pocky! Don’t you like pocky? And strange chocolatey cookies shaped like panda heads? And cream filled koalas or pandas playing sports?

  4. laura on #

    ?? (thats congratulations in Japanese) Just wanted you to know I ordered massive quantities of the magic or madness trilogy for our store (well 3 of each- thats massive for us at the Reading tree!) AND….I picked up my first Manga – Naruto. I cant wait to get reading! I also wondered if you were able to get to Alinea in chicago?

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