The first book shop event

Last night we went to Anderson’s books in Naperville, Illinois. Much fun was had. Scott explained the origins of the Uglies series and of Extras. The first is all about our society’s beauty obsession; the second deals with the fame thing. There was lots of Q & A. The questions were ridiculously smart and interesting and there didn’t seem to be a single person who hadn’t read at least three or four of Scott’s books so he didn’t have to worry too much about spoilers.

Scott raises his hand. Dunno why.

During the hours and hours that he was signing for the smart and very appreciative crowd I got to hang out with some fabulous folk who were readers of my books and/or blog. At least three librarians came up to tell me how much they and their patrons enjoy my books. Yes!

I had a blast gossiping about favourite books, which is, naturally, my favourite topic of conversation ever. I was totally stoked to discover that my raving about the genius of Megan Whalen Turner’s Attolia trilogy had influenced some people to pick the books up and read them. Yay!1 Also I found someone who loved Meredith Anne Pierce as much as I do!2 Double yay!

Jez and friends

The photo is of Jez and her friends (whose names I’ve forgotten—sorry!) Thanks so much for all the manga recommendations. You guys are fabulous.

I wish I could remember everyone’s name. The folks I talked to were all so wonderful, but the only people I got a chance to say goodbye to were Jez and her friends. Sorry about that! Was wonderful meeting you all.

  1. If you haven’t read them yet what are you waiting for? Go get them! []
  2. And if you haven’t read the Darkangel trilogy and you love vampires then I don’t know what you’ve been doing all your life! []


  1. zebediah on #


  2. Kadie-Wa on #


  3. kayla on #

    hey! I so met you yesterday! i’m kayla top right, jez’s sister, oh and toop left is Jackie, and bottem left is jess. you were so cool to meet, I was upset though because I had nothing for you to sign, but being on your blog is so cool!

  4. Jessica on #

    Kayla beat me to commenting, o well. It was great meeting you, the event was so much fun. I can’t wait till I finish reading everything.

  5. Mary on #

    I loved the darkangel too!

  6. Tez Miller on #

    What are they putting their hands up for in the first photo, Detroit? 😉

    Have a lovely day! 😉

  7. Jez on #

    I see my friends found your blog before I could link them when I got home from work today 🙂

    Was great meeting you too! And I consider myself honored to be featured on your blog. It was really nice to find a comment from you on my LJ when I got home from work too 🙂

  8. Elodie on #

    Hehe, I’ve read the darkangel trilogy… mostly because meredith pierce is next to tamora pierce, and the tamora pierce book I wanted to read was out from the library XDD

  9. Patrick on #

    captioning the photos:

    everyone named scott please raise your hand

    everyone! get down on the floor and look up at me and my awesomeness. excellent

  10. Patrick Shepherd on #

    Naperville, yet! I lived there for four years (went to high school there), but that’s so long ago that I don’t remember if that book store was there then. Regardless, great town, and it still apparently has some great people.

  11. Justine on #

    It was so lovely to meet you all!

    Patrick: You’re not far off. The actual question was, “Who checks their Amazon rankings every day?”

  12. Patrick on #

    Ah. My other guess was “who has recently been tackled by John scalzi?” but I figured there would be more hands up if that was the question.

  13. Laura on #

    I envy thoes people SO much.

    I always wanted to meet one of my idols.

  14. cuileann on #

    Oh! I was standing next to you in the back and had to cover my ears and run away from the Specials spoilers, if that rings any bells. Teehee.

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