Sometimes basketball makes me cry

Today at the New York Liberty versus Phoenix Mercury game (we won!) the Rutger’s women’s team stood in the middle of the court during one of the breaks. We gave them a standing ovation, stamping, and clapping and yelling for them. At every timeout thereafer they were beseiged by well-wishers and autograph seekers. They may not have won last years’ finals but they definitely won the battle against racist radio announcers. Yay!

Kay Yow one of the greatest coaches of women’s basketball ever and Vivian Stringer the fabulous coach of Rutgers were also there. So was Teresa Weatherspoon the best pointguard the Liberty has ever had. All were applauded and mobbed for autographs. It made me so happy. It made everyone happy. I’m still glowing.

Somewhat relatedly, Amy Fiske says she met Michelle Timms. To which I can only say, “Oh my God! You met Timmsie! She’s a goddess!”

Also check out this article about playing women’s basketball in Russia. Incredible stuff.


  1. Cheryl on #

    Wonderful. Just wonderful. Go Rutgers!

  2. Richard on #

    Go, Coach Yow, go. Represent!

  3. Rebecca on #

    they air less than 50% of the women’s basketball here, on local tv. 🙁 but i really need my sports fix once the nba finals are over, so i may just go to a game, if they’re cheap and someone will come with me. i don’t know much about the silver stars yet, but i imagine i’ll get to know them soon enough. 🙂

    yay for rutgers!!

  4. Justine on #

    Cheryl: Indeed.

    Richard: North Carolina. Of course.

    Rebecca: You can get very cheap tickets to the women’s game. And the good seats are way way way cheaper than for the men’s. You should totally go to some games. They’re wonderful!

    The Silver Stars have been playing well this season. They now have Becky Hammon who was the New York Liberty’s star. Her being traded was a huge shock. Our loss; your gain. She’s a wonderful shooting guard. You’ll love watching her play. You also have tough veteran Vickie Johnson who’s also ex-Liberty.

  5. amy fiske on #

    the liberty/mercury game made me cry also – but not for the same reasons it made you cry!

    and, yes, timmsy is a goddess. she’s also very nice. she had her 3 1/2 year old daughter with her, who is gorgeous and rather sassy. so i got to meet the kid as well. very cool.

  6. Justine on #

    Amy: It was an awesome game though. Could have gone either way right up till the end. You don’t begrudge us our 4 game winning streak, do you? We haven’t had one of those in ages. And we’re doing it without our beloved Becky.

  7. amy fiske on #

    justine: no, it’s about time the liberty had that kind of start to the season – i just wish it was at some other team’s expense! the mercury were 4-1 and now we’re 4-3. (that’s what we get for tanking the game against CT.) argh.

    it was a good game though – i watched the webcast online. and screamed my anguish at the computer. i’m sure if you had been listening carefully you would have heard me in ny!

  8. Justine on #

    I’m fond of Pheonix. They have Diana Taurasi who’s awesome to watch—I love the combo of her and Cappie Pondexter—and then there’s the two Aussies, Penny Taylor and Belinda Snell. Not to mention Timmsy on the coaches’ bench. Other than the Liberty and then Seattle (c’mon, Lauren Jackson!) they’re my favourite WNBA team.

  9. amy fiske on #

    i was pretty impressed by the liberty. yes, penny and snelly are fabulous. timmsy’s not coaching for the merc at the moment – she works in the front office for the south dragons in melbourne.

  10. Justine on #

    I guess she got homesick. I so understand!

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