Best T-shirt ever (updated)

On Saturday I ran into wondrous super-librarian Carlie Webber at Book Expo America (BEA). She was wearing the best T-shirt of all time. Check it out:

The Mary Sue-iest!

And how about the back:

Ha ha ha!!

I laughed and laughed.

For those who do not know what a Mary Sue is or have not read any of the Harry Potter books—where have you been?

Update: The T-shirt of greatness was created by Amy
Tenbrink of Narrate Conferences.


  1. Karen on #

    That’s lovely. And the perfect place to wear it for maximum appreciation, too.

  2. Sir Tessa on #

    !!!!!!!! Dude, I can’t stop laughing. I want one.

  3. Steve Buchheit on #

    okay, that’s what brings a smile to my face. high-larious.

  4. Gabrielle on #

    Ha, that’s funny. I must admit I didn’t know what a mary sue was. But I checked Wikipedia and it’s even funnier. Okay, I didn’t know what a mary sue is, but anyone who hasn’t read Harry Potter is way worse!

  5. cecil on #

    love it!

  6. Mary S. on #

    Too funny!!

    It reminds me a shirt I saw in a bookshop once that said “Fictional Character” on it. I still regret not getting it–if I ever see it again…


  7. Faith on #

    What a great tee shirt!!

  8. ms on #

    please let us know if this shirt is available for order! google was entirely unhelpful.

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