What I am excited about (short term)

    Spending a whole day at Book Expo America collecting free books & hanging out with my YAers

    Spending a whole day lazing around reading manga

    Getting back to work on my new novel

    The big news that I may get to announce next week

    White chocolate and macadamia bikkies

    Our first New York Liberty game—tomorrow! (the Liberty’s at 3-0)

    Orlin’s fruit plate for brekkie

What’s in your short term future that’s making you smile?


  1. The Bibliophile on #

    Breakfast at one of my favorite places with my mom this morning

    followed by shopping at a local paper store

    followed by a lazy afternoon of reading

    knowing that i don’t have any major plans for this weekend

    the vacation i’ve been planning for july (not exactly short term, but it’s all i could think about yesterday)

    can’t wait to hear your big exciting news!

  2. orangedragonfly on #


    (if it was allowed, you’d see that in all caps 😉 )

  3. orangedragonfly on #

    much more short term: my chocolate chip cookies will be cool enough to eat in a minute or so. 😛

  4. alisa on #

    looking forward to:

    three days with my sister-in-law and her daughter at my in-law’s house, giant kid slumber parties with my kids, her kids, and bro-in-law’s kids every night.

    taking the kids swimming this afternoon.

    making enchiladas for dinner.

    going to the art museum. and maybe the miniature toy museum.

    painting my toenails seashell pink.

    the writing i’m about to do.

  5. Dess on #

    reading “the lovely bones”

    making more stuff from the craft supplies i got at a.c. moore (hot glue guns are fun.)

    MEETING MAUREEN JOHNSON ON TUESDAY! (that is a very exciting thing. imagine THE caps lock-y excited-ness)

    possibly designing more dresses/ outfits for my anime drawing friend (she draws the people, i design the clothes.)

    starting/finishing one of my many stories

  6. alisa on #

    p.s. by giant slumber parties – we’re talking 9 kids. whee!

  7. Rebecca on #

    the weekend, meaning i can sleep, read, and play lego star wars II allll day long. and no work

    writing lots

    meeting free monkey verrrry soon 😀 😀

    spending a weekend in austin (in two weeks)

    YOUR NEWS!!!! omg, is it about the ultimate fairy book? is it, is it? 😀

  8. Lauren on #

    Seeing you, of course, darling.

  9. Gabrielle on #

    Happy about:

    Being done with schoolwork

    being able to write all day long

    being able to do all I want all day long

    going to ala end of june

    hearing your good news 😀

  10. Dawn on #

    I’m so jealous you are BEA! My fella is there with the Unshelved crew, and it sounds like he is having an amazing time. But I’ve got to say, my impression from talking to him on the phone is that NYC is the LOUDEST city on earth. Is that true?

    Right now I’m looking foward to:

    * having my pals over for waffles (any minute now!)
    * doing some gardening
    * going swimming outside for the first time this year
    * lazing around reading
    * anticipating starting my new job

  11. Dess on #

    ooo rebecca thats so cool. free monkey? are you one of the ones maureen is sending him to? i am. it’s all very exciting.

  12. Ted Lemon on #

    Hacking on a new scheme interpreter with an old friend from New York who I never see anymore.

    (you asked!)

  13. little willow on #

    I might go to an event tomorrow if the timing works out. Otherwise, I’ll at least have a calm day off.

  14. Colleene on #

    My husband and I are celebrating our one year anniversary tomorrow! Praise the Lord!

  15. lili on #

    1. finishing the proofreading

    2. handing in the novel for the very last time

    3. getting back to writing the next novel

    4. seeing if everyone else reacts to your big news with the squeal that i did.

    5. going to philip island next weekend with my zombie friends for some r&r.

  16. Rebecca on #

    dess- yeah, i’m on the list as breca halley (my internet name). which one are you?

  17. shelly rae on #

    Trying out all the swimming pools I can get to here in Austin.

    Having people over for brunch tomorrow.

    Doing another triathlon next weekend.

    Game night!

  18. margo on #

    talking to jill about the novel: she has just sent me an email saying, “this novel is tremendous”. have i tantalised you enough yet? 🙂

  19. little willow on #

    Dear Australia,

    Why, oh why, are all of the episodes of Rainbow Brite available on DVD there, but not here?

    Sincerely and sadly,
    Little Willow

  20. lili on #

    dear little willow,

    do you have a multiregion dvd player? cause i could send it to you…



  21. Penni on #

    Your big news. I love announcements. I have no idea what it could be, but if it made lili squeal it must be v. exciting.

    Going to see Miss Saigon in a couple of weeks (musicals are my daggy tragic weakness…well one of my daggy tragic weaknesses, I am sure I could come up with several more – but hey, if you’re self aware about your dagginess, doesn’t that mean you’re actually extremely with it?)

    Palm Cove in July (bliss out reading books building sandcastles kind of holiday)

    Writing something new

  22. hereandnow on #

    I am excited about:

    Monday! (No, I lie)
    being nearly done with a big project
    the shiny books waiting for me at the end of the big project
    my new heater
    John Howard’s terrible poll numbers
    the Hedwig and the Angry Inch soundtrack

  23. carrie on #

    i’m still excited about Diana’s deal, i’m excited that I don’t have to work today (and will refuse to check blackberry so i don’t get called in) and that i have all day to write and edit and might finish this draft of my novel and send it to beta readers, thus getting one step closer to ending the unicorn/zombie debate for good 🙂

  24. Dess on #

    rebecca- i’m on her list as kiersten from penndel.

  25. amy fiske on #

    1. had a chat with michele timms at a phoenix mercury game last week (okay, that’s not future but it was really cool!)

    2. going to ala!

    3. my godson visiting from australia in july

    p.s. very jealous of book expo…

  26. Justine on #

    Yay! Lots of loveliness going on. Excellent!

    Those who are jealous of the BEA thing. Don’t be. It was more exhausting than fun.

    I am now off to the liberty game. May our 3-0 streak lengthen to 4-0!

    Margo: I’m so jealous of Jill!

  27. excel on #

    umm… lets see…

    1 going to borders to splurge on manga/midnighters/magic trilogy

    2 going to summer camp

    3 wasting time online! 🙂

    4 having a slumber party in which we watch 6th sense and terrify my friend the rest of the night. yes, i am evil. 🙂

    5 end of school!!! yay!!!
    Oh, yeah, I’m manga-obbsessed too. Have you ever read azumanga daioh or tsubasa? azumanga daioh is really funny and random, while tsubasa has beatiful artwork and a wonderful plot. 🙂

  28. little willow on #

    lili, you’re so sweet! i don’t have a multiregional player, however. if i did, i’d beg you all for rainbow brite and looking for alibrandi.

  29. Steve Buchheit on #

    taking a small break while cleaning the platesetter (imaging working inside a corroded battery) and read “macadamia bikkies” as “macadamia bikinis.” That brought a smile to my face. It’s the little things in life that keep me going.

  30. Dess on #

    i thought you said macadamia bikinis too! i’m not alone! excel- my friend is reading tsubasa. she also likes fruits basket and dn angel and some other cute looking thing i can’t remember what it was. dramacon or something like that and a couple others. she’s trying to get me to read them but the whole back to front reading thing confuses me too much.

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