Apparently, calling my first novel, Magic or Madness was a big fat mistake. It’s the “or” that’s the problem, with certain searches it brings up lots of results that get in between you and finding my book. That can’t be good. And of course no one can spell my surname . . .

I suspect the title Magic Lessons isn’t much of an improvement. There must be gazillions of books with that title. You know, ones that actually teach you how to do magic tricks. Thank Elvis the third book in the trilogy has an utterly unique title: Magic! Magic! Magic! Oi! Oi! Oi!.

Best go finish writing it so I’ll have at least one book in the catalogue punters can actually find!


  1. John H on #

    Larbalestier – and I didn’t even peek…

    of course one could always put magic or madness in quotes, which tells most search engines to look for the phrase…

    i guess magic! magic! magic! oi! oi! oi! is better than we got magic, yes we do, we got magic, how ’bout you?

  2. Roger on #


    I did not peek either. I would also point out that your name is not listed this low down on the sidebar and being an Englishman I am too disciplined to look up at the URL.

    How about: Rule Magic! Magic rules the waves!

  3. Diana Peterfreund on #

    I actually had that problem in teh bookstore. Quoth the clerk, “Well? Is it Magic or Madness?”


    Cue Abbott and Costello routine.

  4. corey on #

    First Base!! ^^

  5. Justine on #

    Sigh. That’s all I can say. Sigh!

  6. Ben Payne on #

    Hmm, yeah… arriving at bookshop counter… “do you have Magic or Madness by Justine…. by Justine…”

    Thankfully there is one store in Brisbane where this is all that is required…

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