Magic Lessons in Australia

I just found out that Penguin Australia has made an offer for Magic Lessons! They’re planning to publish it in September exactly a year after Magic or Madness was released here. I’m thrilled! Penguin Au doesn’t buy many foreign books (yes, even though an Aussie wrote them, the MorM books are “foreign” because they’re being sold through Penguin USA), so it’s really exciting that they’ve now bought two of mine, and two of Scott‘s (So Yesterday and Peeps). Yay! It means a lot to me to be published in my own country.


  1. romance gal on #

    You must be very very happy! I can’t wait till I sell a novel in my country! (America) I just have to write it first. 🙂

  2. Sir Tessa on #

    Congratulations, Justine! 😀

  3. oz fan on #

    OMG!!! that’s so ace!! But why do we have to wait til spetember when its out in america in march? tht’s not fare!

  4. Chris Barnes on #

    Congratulations! Nice to see your books are doing so well. 🙂

  5. innle on #

    Oh wow, that’s fantastic! I’m very excited for you (and also for me, because I won’t necessarily have to have a copy imported now)!

    You may be (slightly) interested to know that, while on holidays on the mid-north coast of NSW, I spotted a copy of MorM on the YA spinners at the tiny tiny local library. Those librarians are doing a great job of getting the book out there!

  6. shana on #

    you’re weird.
    so when do us usians get to read majic lessons?

  7. Justine on #

    Romance Gal: I am! Good luck with your own novel.

    Sir Tess: Ta, darls!

    Oz fan: There are all kinds of complicated reasons for it all to do with how publishers arrange their schedules and how bookshops order their books. But the quick answer is that the trilogy sold in the US first and in Australia second.

    Chris: Thanks!

    Innle: Are you kidding? I’m very interested to hear that! How fabulous. If you follow the link on Magic or Madness above it goes to the Puffin site and two really lovely reviews by school teachers. It’s very exciting to hear that teachers and librarians are enjoying my book!

    Shana: Oi! Who are you calling weird?

    Magic Lessons has an official pub date of 16 March. I should probably put a countdown clock on the sidebar but I haven’t found one I like yet.

  8. Diana Peterfreund on #

    Format for countdown clocks are all nasty. Did you see mine? Blecch.

    Question: When it’s released in Australia, will it have a u.s. glossary in the back?

  9. Justine on #

    I reckon yours is the best looking one I’ve seen!

    Nope, no glossary in the Oz Magic or Madness, plus there was an extra afterword about Camperdown cemetery. Dunno what extra I’ll come up with for Magic Lessons!

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