Weirdness Meme

Shana tagged me and I didn’t even know it.

It’s a tricky meme, I’m not saying I’m not weird and all, it’s just that pretty much all the weirdnesses I’d be willing to tell you about—how much I hate socks etc. a) have already appeared on many other people’s lists (and thus how weird can it really be?) and b) I just don’t think that’s weird. Frankly, it’s the people who like socks that I worry about.

So here are the weirdnesses I’m okay with you knowing about (oh, and family of mine and close friends—you do not have permission to post comments):

    1) I don’t like anything with caffeine in it. Not coffee, chocolate, coke, tea, not anything. This is not a health choice. They taste bad to me. Especially coffee and dark chocolate. Yuk! (Liquids should never be imbibed hot cause it’s just weird! And why would you drink soft drinks when you could have yummy water? Very weird indeed.)

    2) I love all food that wobbles. Yes, including tripe. (I am, however, very particular about how the tripe is cooked. Italian and Spanish tripe=good; English tripe=bleahh!)

    3) I love offal, even the stuff that doesn’t wobble. Mmmm foie gras . . . (and I live with a vegetarian!)

    4) My favourite joke is still “where did Napoleon keep his armies?” I’ve found it hilarious since I was five years old.

    5) I think about food all the time. I mean all the time (I was thinking about it while writing about the Napoleon joke). I do not think that’s weird.

I’m not tagging anyone else, it seems rude or something. But, you know, if you feel like doing this meme consider yourself tagged.

P.S. A belated thanks to Chris McLaren for helping me get recent comments showing up in the sidebar. You, sir, are a WordPress god!


  1. John H on #

    yes, but where does he keep his legsies? that’s what i want to know…

  2. Justine on #

    Up his trousies. Are you dense? Honestly!

  3. John H on #

    yes, but he might also keep them in his sockies, no? (but that would be weird…)

  4. Justine on #

    Very. Socks are evil. Plus feetsies in sockies (erk) not legies!

  5. John H on #

    what about knee-highs? and back then he might even have worn stockings…

  6. Justine on #

    For the love of Elvis! Please stop talking about such abominations as knee-highs and stockings on my blog! Aaargh!

    I knew I shouldn’t have done this stoopid weirdness meme. Shana! This is all your fault!

  7. Roger on #

    It seems, from careful examination of post and comments, that you really are somewhat averse to socks. Am I correct in leaping to that conclusion? I wouldn’t call that weird, old girl, not entirely. But odd. Yes, certainly a trifle eccentric.

  8. Justine on #

    And here was I thinking you’d go off about my coffee hating . . .

  9. Roger on #

    Don’t you have a book to write, old girl?

    The thought of an intelligent human being eschewing coffee, well, it’s just too much, isn’t it? I let my eyes drift past that portion of the post.

  10. John H on #

    ok, i give… no more socks…

  11. John H on #

    i have to agree with your aversion to coffee – that’s just nasty (although i do like the smell of good coffee brewing). and since i’ve stopped drinking soads it’s pretty much water and iced tea for me.

  12. Roger on #

    Egads! More than one person in the world who will not imbibe the world’s finest elixir? You have both rendered me speechless. Though, as an American—Am I correct, John H, that you are an American?—it’s very likely you’ve never had real coffee. I imagine the situation is the same in the Antipodes.

    However, there was nothing else on your list, Madame Larbalestier, that struck me as even a teensy bit odd. Try harder, old girl!

  13. John H on #

    american – yes, but one who has been across the pond. coffee is bitter and leaves a bad aftertaste. i can’t even stand foods that have coffee flavoring (like ice cream or tiramisu) – as soon as i taste the coffee it makes me gag.

  14. not familly or close friend on #

    mmm yes roger you appear to be correct she seems to have left a whole lot of her real weirdness out…Btw the situation is NOT the same in australia. We have some very excellent coffee here and have had for several decades now due to a high italian imigration in the 50s…

  15. shana on #

    coffee is heaven. living without it is just pointless. not only does it taste and smell heavenly, it actually makes shana a nicer person! what could be wrong with it?

    and socks are evil.
    and what about jello?

    and what about that book, anyway?

  16. Dee on #

    Socks are amazing.

  17. Chris Barzak on #

    if you had access to Japanese socks, you would feel differently about them. i was a sock hater until i came to Japan, where the sock industry is a form of art! they are SOOOO comfy and stylish, unlike the western world’s socks. all the other ex-patriots agree. you will see if you come here. 😉

  18. Lawrence on #

    Let me know if you need some offal brought to you in Bologna. 🙂

    (Not going to bring tripe, but I did schlepp some morcillas, sobresadas, and tocinos to Frankfurt for a friend. And me a vegetarian for 20+ years!)

  19. margo on #

    Hey, socks are a darn sight better than many, many, many people’s bare feet. *shudders*

    Some people’s feet in sandals make you think twice about laughing at socks-and-sandals wearers. *shudders again*

  20. shana on #

    margo: you have a point.

    chris: i don’t believe you. i can’t believe that anything could surpass the horror of having to have cloth enclosing my feet, no matter how comfortable. and to not wiggle your toes?

  21. Chris Barzak on #

    well that’s the thing shana, they make socks with toes here! you can wiggle all you want!! for real. and they use really breathable material. it’s not those heavy icky ones like in america.

  22. Chris McLaren on #

    Hey, thank’s for the thanks. Always pleased to help out someone “in the tribe”.

  23. Justine on #

    You’re all mad and much much weirder than I am!

    “not familly or close friend”: really? I smell sister.

    Barzak: I don’t believe you either. I don’t care if they’ve got toes. Feet must roam free!

    Lawrence: Mmmm, morcilla . . . Best blood sausage in the entire world!

    Margo: we need as much ugly in the world as beautiful. I’m shocked at such prejudice!

    Chris: Can I thank you for thanking me for thanking you? Or is that a bit much?

  24. margo on #

    I’m not talking about ugly feet. I’m just talking about scaly feet, cracked feet and loooong yellow toenails.

    *lies down with cold compress on forehead*

  25. Chris Barzak on #

    I’m with Margo. Some feet should just be sheathed.

  26. Ben Payne on #

    I think about food all the time too… it runs in our family… the end of breakfast is a signal to begin discussions of lunch… with a pause only for morning tea…midway through lunch we start planning dinner… it’s remarkable that we ever leave the table…

  27. marrije on #

    um… so where does napoleon keep his armies?

    Oh, dink, yes, i think i know now. don’t mind me, i’m the slow foreign person.

    but no chocolate? that’s definitely weird (goes off to munch excellent chocolate cookies).

  28. shana on #

    marrije: it took me forever to figure it out too.

    chris: something BETWEEN my toes? other than sand on the beach? no way.

  29. Justine on #

    Margo and Chris: You both need to come to terms with people who’ve made the practical decision to give their immune systems a good ole work out. Bet they get sick less often than you two. Dirty is the new clean.

    Ben: Must go get breakfast . . . Have already planned lunch and dinner.

    Marrije: Nope, none. Tastes yukky. I don’t mind white chocolate, but only cause it doesn’t taste like chocolate. Anyways give me mangosteens or passionfruit or nectarines or mangoes or longan or dates or custard apple or rambutan anyday over any other kind of sweet thing.

    Shana: sand between toes = good. Except next day when it has migrated to your bed, your floor and will not go away . . . Bloody sand everywhere!

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