I Wish I’d Seen It!

Sometimes the pain of being so very far away from live coverage of the cricket is just too much. Australia and England tied the one-day finals. The match sounds mind-blowingly good. Now I’m even more excited about the Ashes series.

Stupid non-cricket loving USA. With its stupid games that make ties an impossibility. I’m grumping off to continue writing the great Australian YA cricket Elvis fairy mangosteen novel. Talk amongst yourselves (yes, both of you!). (Oh, and Margo? Amongst, amongst, amongst, amongst, amongst!!!)


  1. Justine on #

    I imagine what this cricket blogger is confused about is the huge numbers I was quoting here. The numbers came from cricinfo‘s live coverage. As the total required by England during that match got steeper and steeper the computer spun enjoyably out of control. Given that England were only short of victory by 57, obviously they did not need to get one hundred odd an over. But, my, watching those numbers get loopier and loopier provided much enjoyment!

  2. Cheryl on #

    It was fabulous just listening to the commentary over the Internet. Poor old Blowers was quite hoarse by the end of it, and was so excited he kept missing vital pieces of action.

    And you are right, the Americans won’t understand it at all. I remember going to an Earthquakes game here once – there was this kid in front of us holding up a sign that said “No Tie!”. He didn’t care who won the game, as long as someone did. Crazy people.

  3. margo on #

    You were right, Justine, ‘among’, or ‘in the middle of’ sound silly.

    xx, m.

  4. Justine on #

    Cheryl: yup, that is crazy. I reckon a tie is always the most exciting result. If I could go back in time I’d go back to the first tied test—the one between Australia and the West Indies in 1960. I’d love to have been in the audience for that one.

  5. margo on #

    justine is a censorious wonderful witch writer (sounds of margo’s freedom of speech joy at knowing Justine being throttled celebrated amongst her friends)

  6. Justine on #

    Margo: great to see you coming around to my way of seeing things!

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