Saga of a Typewriter

I’ve been a fan of the lovely Ms Tingle Alley for some time now, but I think this is definitely one of her most gorgeous posts eva! And I speak as someone who can’t stand typewriters, though I do have a dim memory of my parents having a gorgeous red Olivetti one, and my longing to play with it, but that was before computers and word processing programs, without which I can’t even begin to imagine writing. And writing by long hand?! The utter utter horror of it!


  1. steve on #

    When I was small I liked to make up stories while banging away on my father’s typewriter. I didn’t actually type anything, but the solid mechanical rhythm seemed very official to me–it’s what I imagined ‘real’ writing to sound like. So a few months ago, on a bad writing day, I found some software to simulate the sounds of various classic typewriters on my laptop. Unfortunately all that noise turned out to be annoying and not the least bit helpful.

  2. Justine on #

    That’s hilarious. I’m always wishing my keyboard was quieter not noisier!

    Typewriters are definitely sexier looking than most keyboards. When we were in Buenos Aires we came across this incredibly beautiful early twentieth century portable typewriter. We considered buying it as art, but it was too expensive and too heavy.

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