Testing WordPress iPhone App & Praising Electronic Devices

I’m at Sydney airport, on my way to Melbourne for the Melbourne Writers Festival, and since it took way less time to get here than I thought1 I figured I’d test this here new application what Stephen Fry recommended.2 I am blogging from my phone without squinting or yelling. I count that as a big thumbs up for the wordpress app.

I’d also like to give a big thumbs up to my Sony reader 505. It’s not perfect—I’d prefer a touchscreen and a faster page turn on PDFs, I’d also prefer my iPhone to be larger and be a reader on top of everything else it does3—but just for reducing the weight of my luggage I hug the ereader to my chest. I’ve been a lot faster reading mss. than ever before. W00t! Oh, how I hate reading mss. on my computer or in paper form. I am liberated.

What electronic device is making your life better right now?

  1. 10 mins as opposed to 1 hour. Who knew? Other than Scott. []
  2. As you all know everything Stephen Fry says is golden unless it is about cricket. He supports the bastion of evil the English cricket team. Ewwww! []
  3. Next year I hear. []


  1. Baby Power Dyke on #

    Do oscillating fans count as electronic devices? Because if so, it’s definitely my oscillating fan.

    If that doesn’t count, it’s my DVR. It’s the best thing that happened to my relationship after the coffee maker.


  2. Celsie on #

    Really? iPhone’s competing with Kindle, or just getting a better pdf system? *gets her first iphone in Jan* Finally a reason for all that storage space!

    It’s not a device, but I’m really loving LibraryThing and GoodReads for a digital record of my library. That and the communities are great, too.

    I figured I’m about 15 years too late to say the portability of my laptop is great.

  3. Brendan Podger on #

    I find the iPhone/Touch a great reader. Although PDF’s can be a bit of a problem(I wrote a Word Prefect macro that converts them to HTML so they can be read in Stanza), having a palm sized reader that can hold so many books is great. I use it when I am travelling. It is very handy.

  4. iceglow on #

    I use ReaddleDocs to read lots of different formats (including .pdf and .doc) on my iPhone. I hear there is also a Kindle app, but I don’t have it.

  5. Amber on #

    I’m still back on the Microsoft Word being helpful, typing my story instead of writing it by hand (I did that first, because I enjoy it better). I know I sound like I’m old(er), but I’m actually only in my 20s.
    Oh, and my new computer (as of Jan 09) plays DVDs. My old one didn’t, even when all my friends’ did.

  6. Robyn on #

    You are so right. Everything Stephen Fry says is gold (except about cricket). He is either Midas or that girl in the old fairytale who had flowers and jewels flow from her mouth when she spoke.
    Going to get an iPhone soon, and that will be my beloved then, but for now it is the program Scrivener on my shiny silver MacBook Pro. Mac and Scrivener – both very shiny.

  7. Joey (in SF Bay Area) on #

    I still love my (original) iPhone!

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