Events, I does them

In addition to my Melbourne Writers Festival events—first one is tomorrow with Scott and Isobelle Carmody *squee*—soon I’ll be off on my second US tour. Pretty, exciting, eh?

I just added a few events to the appearances page. So far I have events confirmed (or close to) for Phoenix, Nashville, Memphis, Austin, Seattle, Portland and New York City. I’m especially excited about those first three cities as I’ve never been to any of them before.

Also: Memphis = Gracelands = Justine hyperventilating. For those of who don’t know, yes, I am a daggy Elvis fan. Goes back to when I was very little.

There will be at least one or two more cities on my tour. I’ll let you know which ones as soon as I know. Here’s hoping it’s your city.

Just so you know, I don’t pick where I go. The wonderful publicists at Bloomsbury make those decisions and it largely depends on which book shops, libraries and schools want me to come to talk to them. It could be that I’m not going to your town because no one there asked my publisher to send me. So get mad at your local book shops, schools and libraries, not at me!1

What will I be doing on tour? Talking about Liar, how I came to write it, my thoughts on lying, and the many other things that shaped the book. I’m also happy to talk about my earlier books, especially How To Ditch Your Fairy which comes out in its brand new shiny paperback edition at the same time as Liar debuts in hardcover. In fact, I’ll talk about whatever you want me to talk about. Last year, at one school event all they did was ask me about food. Oh, and to tell them vomit stories. I live to answer your questions.

Here’s hoping I’ll get to meet some more of you over the next few days and months. It’s my favourite part of touring.

  1. Kidding! Book shops, schools and libraries never do anything wrong. []


  1. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    Phoenix!!! *happydance, happydance, happy-happy-happydance*

    That sums it up. Not the most brilliant comment, but heartfelt. 🙂


  2. Erin on #

    Oh my gosh! You’re coming to Phoenix! Oh my gosh! Not to be repetitive on what Mary said, but happy dance!

  3. Justine on #

    And I am relieved to be guaranteed a Phoenix audience of at least two! W00t!

  4. Tashiana Hudson on #

    *tears up* Woe is me! No stop in L.A.

  5. Mary Elizabeth Burroughs on #


    As an American who used to live near Memphis and now lives in Australia on the Central Coast, I’m telling you that you must go to the Rendezvous, a historical BBQ joint if ever there was one. Why — other than having good eats? Elvis used to get ribs from the Rendezvous all the time and the Rolling Stones, if I remember correctly, always had their BBQ there when in Memphis. Another place to visit might be Graceland 2 just across the Tennessee state border in Elvis’s birth state of Mississippi.

    You’re going to have fun!

    –Mary Burroughs

  6. Julia Rios on #

    You should definitely try to get out to Graceland Too! I agree with Mary Elizabeth Burroughs on that. Of course Memphis itself has all kind of other wonders, too, though. I am sure you will have an excellent time there.

  7. Jennmonk on #

    Yeay! I’m glad you’re coming to Austin. Oh, and Memphis is such a great town. My first visit was last year and I had a great time. Hope you have fun!

  8. Justine on #

    Tashiana: The schedule is not finalised. There may be other cities added.

    Mary, Julia & Jenmonk: Oh, how I wish touring was the holiday you imagine it to be. A typical tour day consists of between 2 and 4 school events then an evening event. One day last year I had five school sessions, a stock signing and then a library event. I woke at 5:30AM and got to bed at 11PM. As you can imagine not much room for sightseeing. I.e. I probably won’t even get to Gracelands . . .

    I’m not complaining. I adore doing events and meeting fans, students, teachers, librarians, booksellers is awesome fun. But it is exhausting.

  9. sandi on #

    ooo I’ll be at NCTE! and maybe the Nashville thing

  10. Rachel on #

    Oh, I might get to come see you in Austin! *crosses fingers that it works out*

  11. Mia on #

    *sigh* Yet, another author signing in Philly instead of Pittsburgh.

    Good luck! I hope your US tour goes well. I can’t wait to buy Liar. 😀

  12. Q McCall on #

    I’ll definitely be at your Seattle event!

    Looking forward to it… but am I correct in saying it’s not yet on the appearances page? Or did I miss something?

  13. Justine on #

    I’m reallly looking forward to meeting youse lot. Please do identify yourselves. It’s a huge pleasure to meet the readers of this blog.

    Q: We shall discuss the 2009 WNBA champions. I’m hoping it will be a team that has never won it before—otherwise known as Indiana.

  14. wandering-dreamer on #

    Dear god, I’m only five hours away from Nashville now! FIgures, I go to school in the Boon(docks) and I’m closer than ever to important stuff. XD Absolutely no idea if I would be able to make it however since that’s still five hours with no car and no bus service.

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