Thoughts on Being Home

I always forget how gorgeous Sydney is.

Having highs in the late teens/ early twenties celsius in the middle of winter is how it should be.

Saw my first flock of rainbow lorikeets at 8AM walking up the hill around the corner from the flat. I’m home, I thought.

Sometimes NYC being a very long way away is a truly marvellous thing. I feel my head clearing by the second.

There were mangosteens at the local grocery. If that’s not a sign of goodness I don’t know what is.


  1. Tarie on #

    Mangosteens! I love mangosteens. And a clear head! Your trip home sounds lovely already. :o)

  2. Shveta on #

    That sounds wonderful. Welcome home, and please wave to the rainbow lorikeets for me! (I just love that name.)

  3. John H on #

    The winter in Sydney sounds like the current summer in Chicago.

  4. Winchester Grey on #

    For the presence of mangosteens… I am jealous. Very jealous. Have a pound or two for me.

  5. caitlin on #

    Sounds lovely and like the usual Seattle summer, but we are sizzling in the Emerald City today at 104! Yuck! Perhaps, the warm temps were good for Mariners Aussie pitcher Ryan Rowland-Smith who tossed 7 innings of no hit ball. Everyone in the kids/teen section at my Indy bookstore has been following the Liar cover chat. Great guest posts Ari!

  6. Steve Buchheit on #

    A long time ago when I worked for the wild herds of management consultants, I did a program in LA. The partner wanted to show his appreciation for all the hard work we did and took two of us bar hopping. I didn’t know where we were going, it was dark, and I was tired form three weeks of 18 hour days (and four cross country flights). However, in the middle of the drive I suddenly felt happy and warm all over. I smiled and sat up straighter. I asked where we were. The partner said, “We just crossed over it into Pasadina.”

    I was born in Pasadina but have only one memory from when I lived there (family moved before I was two). I found it interesting that my body somehow knew when I had come home. It’s a great feeling.

  7. Justin Ellis on #

    As I look out my window at the harbour shimmering in a million shades of silver I can’t help but agree with you that Sydney is entrancing. But there is something about the rhythm of NYC that just can’t be beat.

  8. David S. on #

    It wasn’t so lovely a few weeks ago here in Sydney – then it was cold (in the daytime), wet, windy (to the point of roofs coming off houses) and generally miserable. Essentially, August weather in late June/early July. But fortunately it only lasted a couple of weeks and now it does indeed seem that an early spring has sprung. But I’d be careful – August is a notoriously tricky and sneaky month.

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