Sydney Cold

Sydney winters are not particularly harsh. But in the spirit of doing things properly, we do what we can to make them seem colder. Hence the lack of heating to be found in so many Sydney homes.

Last night I was toasty warm in bed but my nose was ice cold and getting up to go to the loo was an ordeal. The temperature? 10C or 50F. Go ahead, laugh. But in a flat that’s got no heating and more importantly that’s been designed to stay cool, that’s cold. My nose turned red. It could have fallen off!

I could solve this problem by getting a gas heater but perversely I enjoy it. The days are warm, the nights are cold. That’s how winter should be.

Plus it means I get to wear my toasty warm uggies,1 fuzzy pjs and dressing gown.

  1. INSIDE. People who wear uggs outside are barbarians. []


  1. Elodie on #

    I dislike your bragging about no “real”cold when I went from Hawaii, to Paris, and am now preparing to spend a semester in Montreal >=(

    (Actually, I’ll admit I prefer being a little too cold to a little too warm–it’s a lot easier to pile on blankets than fans. But too much cold is not pleasant!)

    In hawaii we don’t get anywhere near ten celsius, but as soon as the weather drop 2 or 3 degrees everyone is in sweaters xD

  2. alys on #

    I hope you realise you’re describing London’s actual summer weather at the moment!

  3. Alex on #

    Yes! The true appreciation of Uggs! I remember one of my friends in England bursting out laughing when I explained to her that Ugg boots were originally (and only ever should be) awesome upgraded slippers. She didn’t actually like the things, but took great pleasure in ripping into her younger sister from then on (who wore them outside, short skirt and all >:( )

  4. Victoria on #

    Sounds ideal!

  5. Becca on #

    Mmmm. I love sleeping with blankets piled up and only my cold nose sticking out. Oh, wait. We could have stopped at “I love sleeping.”

    Welcome home.

  6. Zahra Alley on #

    Warm days and cold nights? I wish. But here in Canada, it’s always cold days and even colder nights.

    Our summer is pretty depressing. It’s been raining for a week, and the temperatures refuse to go past 23C. Coldish summer foreshadowing even colder winter? I hope not…

    Hahaha, you’d hate living in Canada, weather-wise. I can’t imagine you handling possible -50C in mid-Janurary!

  7. Lizabelle on #

    This. I have terrible trouble convincing my UK friends that ten degrees can be unpleasantly cold when you work from home and have no heating.

    Is it common for people to wear their ugg boots indoors? I thought my boyfriend was the only one!

  8. Sam on #

    One thing I love about Sydney is that it rarely gets that cold here (the last few days of so-called winter have been stunners), but it’s a tradition for everyone, myself included, to nevertheless complain that it’s “freezing” outside. I work with English expats who grew up in lands of constant ice and snow, who complain about being cold in Sydney.

    Agree 100% with wearing uggs outdoors. Thank god they are no longer a chic fashion item.

  9. CW on #

    I agree 100% re uggs (have never even owned a pair cos I dislike em so). Ditto re Crocs. I do like Birkenstocks…

  10. me on #

    ugg on planes are ok as long as they are black and you hide them under long comphy pants so no one knows 🙂

  11. John H on #

    Reminds me of visiting my grandparents and having a hot water bottle under the covers at night — fond memories…

  12. Amber on #

    That makes me want to go visit. I wish I knew what it was like to have warm days and cold nights. Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

  13. Lorel on #

    Usual lurker here–but I just had to say I’m right there with you. I live in Parramatta, which is always 5C hotter or colder than the city, and my cats now go out on the balcony to get warm! Those heat-sucking walls are a killer. Lots of fuzzy socks, lots of fuzzy socks…that’s what I use.

  14. Paige on #

    I live in Alaska. Do not get me started on cold.

  15. Judith Ridge on #

    Welcome home, from me and my (non-brand-name) uggs.

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