My BEA Schedule

For those what will be attending Book Expo America, where publishing in the US of A is showcased, and there are dancing ladybugs and bears, as well as many free Advanced Readers Copies (ARCs) of upcoming books, here’s where I will be:

Friday, 8:00AM
Me and Scott will be at the YA breakfast. (I’ll be the wide awake one.)

Friday, 6:00PM
Me and Scott will be at the ABC Not-a-Dinner and Silent Auction. This time we better not be gazumped by some last minute annoying bidding person. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Saturday, 3:00PM
I’ll be signing free ARCs of Liar in the Autograph Area Signing Table No. 9.

Saturday later
Various cocktail parties. I’ll be the one wearing feathers and gold lame and not drinking any alcohol because YA authors don’t drink. They don’t fuss or cuss or smoke or drink or lie or cheat or step on people’s feet or dance the hoochie-koo either. Just in case you were wondering.

What do you mean those are some of the lyrics from the song “Saved”? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

*cough* *cough*

Here’s Elvis singing “Saved”. It starts at around 5:30.

This version is from the 1968 comeback special1 which, everyone remembers on account of Elvis in sexy black leather,2 but my favourite bits are the campy big production numbers such as the gospel medley. (Apologies for the less than optimal quality. *shakes fist at youtube*)

Forgot to say that YA authors don’t dance the boogie all night long either. How could I forget that one? They’re heinous those all-night boogie dancers.

  1. Best comeback special of all time. []
  2. And he does look mighty fine. []


  1. caitlin on #

    Wish I could be there — you may bump into Lauren & Stesha of UBookstore on the dance floor. Have fun!

  2. Rebecca Herman on #

    A very nice employee at the Bloomsbury booth gave me an unsigned ARC. I didn’t realize you’d be signing it tomorrow! Oh well. I guess I can drag it back with me to get signed or get another one if the lines aren’t too bad but that feels greedy!

  3. Diana Peterfreund on #

    I love Elvis. Especially on Saturday mornings. Growing up, the radio station in my hometown would always play an Elvis only program on Saturday mornings. It was awesome.

  4. Meeks on #

    Saw you at the S&S cocktails but was incapable of moving from my seat due to BEA-related blisters. Can’t BELIEVE I missed the LIAR giveaway (was only at the show on Friday). Guess I shall have to pay like the rest of the stiffs…

    ps: Did I miss the feathers?

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