1. Brynne on #

    It’s amazing to me that in 2009 people in this country can still look at segregation and think, just like their great-grandparents did, that it’s not a bad thing. I think people have this idea that racism isn’t acceptable but their notion of what racism actually entails is poorly defined. Some people think that just talking about race – acknowledging that it exists – is racist, which I don’t believe is true, but something like this is far worse.

    I guess that I’m one of the “damn Yankees” (to quote my best friend, whose family is from Arkansas) whose Boston ancestors signed their son up to fight for the Union army on his fifteenth birthday. In a sense, they were ahead of their time, and I guess that their actions influenced me and my views, because their stories are the ones my mom always tells and they’re the ones we’re proud of. But the fact that people (in the age of Obama!) still think segregation is acceptable…from my mindset I don’t understand how people can justify it to themselves. And that the ones who can are still so blatant about it – even if they won’t call it racism.

  2. Natalie Hatch on #

    I am mystified as to why this is still happening. I thought that this sort of thing was stopped years ago. And people still put up with this type of treatment? Where’s the media outcry?

  3. sara on #

    i still cant belive that people today can be so mean, in way that in the 1900 was normal.

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