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Yes, the title of my next novel what is coming out in October is Liar. Simple but effective. Libba Bray came up with it after my title was rejected. For those of you who don’t know all my titles are rejected. I have a title curse. Libba Bray has a title fairy. She also named How To Ditch Your Fairy. Bless you, Libba!

Yes, I do still mourn (a little) for the title I gave it, Why Do I Lie?, after the Luscious Jackson song which partly inspired the novel. But nobody liked it. I can stand up to one or two nay sayers but not to everyone in the entire universe.

Yes, I will be sharing the cover shortly. There are two. One for my Australian publisher (Allen & Unwin) and one for my USian (Bloomsbury).

Yes, it will be out in October in both Australia & the USA. This is my first simultaneous publication. W00t!

Yes, it is a hardcover in the USA and C format paperback in Australia. That’s the large trade paperback format. It is the Australian equivalent of a hardcover. I have never had a book in C format before and am very excited.

Yes, there are about 400 pages.

Yes, no one actually asked that last question. But surely page count is crucial? Especially as this is my longest novel in print.

Yes, it is my first realist novel. Sort of a psychological thriller. It is much darker than any of my previous books. Bloomsbury are billing it as 14 +, which means it probably won’t find its way into middle school libraries in the USA. Allen & Unwin are hoping to attract the cross-over adult market. I’m very interested to see how that goes.

Yes, there are ARCs (Advance Research Copies) in existence in the USA and shortly in Australia. No, I am not the person to ask for one. I have none. You need to contact publicity or marketing at Allen & Unwin or Bloomsbury (childrens DOT publicity AT bloomsburyusa DOT com) depending on what country you are in.

Yes, I am very excited about Liar‘s progress over the next few months. Will anyone who enjoyed HTDYF also like Liar? Will my fans be mad at me for writing a non-fantasy? What will be the general response?

Yes, my fingers are crossed.

On the other hand, I’m more proud of this book than of any of my other books. It’s the first one entirely set in the USA with no Australian characters, which frankly was really hard. I know I did the best I’m capable of and anything beyond that is just icing on the cake.1

  1. No, I did not use any cliches like “icing on the cake” in the actual book. I promise! []


  1. Meeks on #

    LIAR is a great title

  2. Rachel on #

    I like that your first book (trilogy) was pure YA, your 2nd was YA but crossed into children’s, and your third will be YA but cross into adult’s.

    Thanks for answering my question!

  3. Justine on #

    Meeks: Thanks.

    Rachel: It’s cool, isn’t it? Though definitely didn’t happen on purpose.

  4. Harry Connolly on #

    All my titles get rejected, too. But not with “I don’t think that will work,” or “Maybe we can come up with something stronger for the marketplace.”

    No, my titles are rejected with laughter.

  5. David S. on #

    Sounds great, I can’t wait to buy it. Hopefully it will expand your readership. I have never purchased any of your previous fiction, mostly because I’m not a teenage girl; but Liar sounds like the sort of novel I can ask for at the bookshop without having to, uh, lie about it being for a daughter/niece/etc., or risk being considered a very dodgy man who probably carries bags of sweets in his pockets and hangs out at playgrounds.

    So thanks for that!

  6. Amber on #

    I do have to say, Why Do I Lie? sounds like a self help book. But I am very excited for it to be released! Liar sounds like a good name (though I’d want to read it no matter the title).

    Hmm, it should make it in US high schools, even if not middle schools. I’m sure it will find its way into some middle schools, especially once it’s been out for awhile.

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