1. Gina Black on #

    That’s the way it’s always felt to me. Even just flying does that to me.

  2. smaur on #

    I want to say it was William Gibson. He made a comment like that in Pattern Recognition at least, though he may have been referencing someone else.

  3. smaur on #

    ETA: Because I obviously have too much time on my hands today, I Googled the quote. Apparently it was William Golding who said it first[?]

  4. Delia on #

    I’m reasonably sure you heard it from me. I heard it from Terri. Who probably heard it somewhere herself, all the way back to William Golding, I guess.

    It’s one of those comments, like the one about never missing a chance to pee or sit down, which I heard from my mother, who attributed it to Prince Phillip. I forget the fons et origo, but I’m guessing it predated old Phil by quite a bit.

  5. Lauren McLaughlin on #

    Welcome back though. I’m sure your soul will arrive soon. In fact, I think I may have seen it wafting over Brooklyn earlier.

  6. Sir Tessa on #

    Douglas Adams. Space travel meant all these souls were wandering around the galaxy kinda lost. The fact that Arthur Dent’s soul was not just left behind, but no longer had a planet to be tied to, caused all sorts of stuff.

  7. AJ on #

    Maureen Johnson said this in Devilish.

  8. Narelle from Aus on #

    I used to travel a lot and suffered from chronic migraines. After trying everything known in Western Medicine and my diet mostly consisting of lettuce I went to an acupuncturist who was known for her work with migraines. She said she’d never be able to help me until I stopped travelling so much. Her explanation, “It’s because your soul does not have a home”.
    I stopped travelling like that and my migraines have eased enormously even though my diet now has all the things it’s not meant to.
    I think she may have had a point.

  9. Little Willow on #

    Go Maureen.

    . . . and that’s a potential story, if not a Twilight Zone episode, isn’t it? 🙂

  10. Ted Lemon on #

    Hee hee, we use that metaphor all the time to explain why we’re so zonked when we travel (which is too often). It does seem that road trips are less of a problem than flights, so perhaps the soul is a fast walker…

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