Things I love right now

The music of Francoiz Breut

Flying foxes zooming by mere metres from my head

The smell of rain

How Sydney looks after the rain: clear and sharp and gorgeous

Kate Grenville’s second submission to the Productivity Commission inquiry into Copyright Restrictions on the Parallel Importation of Books

The slow slide from summer to the cooler time of the year1



The Australian cover of my next novel

Rainbow lorikeets

Huge flocks of sulfur crested cockatoos


  1. Sydney doesn’t really have autumn and its winters are very mild. []


  1. Melinda on #

    Wow, thank you for the link to Kate Grenville’s ‘second submission’. I love this now too. Not only do i now better understand the arguments against parallel importing of books, I also have a better understanding of the whole (sadly) marginal industry I have signed up to be a part of. It’s sobering and comforting all at once to read of the history of her career so far. Thank you


  2. V on #

    Can we get a sneak peak at the cover is it too top sekrit? 😉

  3. Kris on #


    I too am loving the pomegranates, but not loving the price hike of the last week… $3.49 a piece in Marrickville on Sunday!!!

    Maybe I should try growing my own – our mango tree has been spectacular this season.

  4. Joey-la on #

    I wish I was in Sydney! I love it there

    Kris: I should probably try growing pomegranates too, my peach tree went mental this year

    Justine – I also love the new Australian cover – so AWESOME! 😀

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