1. Sir Tessa on #

    8 or 9 hours by train, too.

  2. Amber on #

    Paul Kelly *sings* “From St Kilda to Kings Cross is only a hour or so by plane
    I barely had time to press my face against the glass or watch anything rushing past
    And all around me felt like, um, just an aeroplane cabin
    And my body stayed exactly where it was because there wasn’t time for it to do anything else, and as for my soul, you must be joking
    Darn this modern technology
    I’m an artist; how am I supposed to come up with songs in these conditions?
    I’d give you all of Sydney harbour
    For a decent 13-hour bus ride
    Those boys in WA have it easy, a million miles from everywhere
    Bugger this. See you in Fremantle. Taxi!”

  3. V on #

    Yay! Justine’s in my city!…except I’m about to go to Geelong *slaps forehead*

  4. Maureen Johnson on #

    *waits in her ice castle patiently, knowing that it’s just a matter of time*

    *drums frozen fingers*


  5. Justine on #

    Sir Tessa: How come the train’s slower than the bus? I thought we had the world’s slowest trains?

    Amber, you is crazy person. (In a good way.)

    V: Geelong? Oh noes! Hope you can get back in time for the launch on Tuesday night.

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