Why are vomit stories the funniest stories of all?

Tonight me and Scott hung out with two fabulous writers, Tessa Kum and Rjurik Davidson, and the conversation turned to vomit, as it is so often does when writers gather. We told many awesomely disgusting stories. There was much laughter. I would share the stories with you except that I happen to know of two regular readers of this blog who would kill me if I did so. That is how strong their aversion is to vomit and stories about said substance.1

Which is something they don’t have in common with this one group of students I wound up talking to on tour last year in Ohio.2 But for some reason I was left alone to entertain about forty or fifty seventh or eighth graders. So, naturally, I told vomit stories. And they loved them, which only encouraged me to come up with more stories. In the end they were demanding that I pen a collection of said stories.

I should do it. Truly, market it to that demographic, and every writer I know, and it would be a license to print money. Maybe I should suggest it to my agent?

Maybe I shall ask Simmone Howell for her favourite vomit stories tomorrow at our event at Victoria’s State Library . . .

  1. I don’t get it. Vomit is the funniest stuff in the world. There is nothing better than a good vomit story. []
  2. Sadly, my memory can no longer tell me what city it was, let alone what school. []


  1. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    I would read that anthology. I would also give it as a gift to some of my friends. It would be awesome.


  2. Seth Christenfeld on #

    I, for one, have never come across a funny vomit story. I’ve come across funny vomit scenes (in Family Guy and Team America), but not in textual form.

  3. Ariel Zeitlin Cooke on #

    Because you are Australian. In my backpacking years, I met countless Aussies who loved vomit jokes. I even met one Aussie girl who would vomit in pubs and point at it and laugh. It comes with the territory like Vegemite or something. I personally don’t like vomit jokes at all. But I do often like Australians.

  4. Amber on #

    Haha, that’s middle school humor for you! Some of us never grow out of it, though.

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