Best catch ever? (updated x 2)

Even if you don’t like cricket you must admit that this catch is pretty bloody speccie:

Update: Due to Cricket Australia’s bloodymindedness you can no longer see the truly fabulous catch by Adam Voges. I’m not sure what they think they’re achieving cause having a catch like that go viral increases the number of people round the world who get curious about the game. I don’t know about you, but I’d’ve thought that would be a good thing for cricket. How come institutions like Cricket Australia don’t get the intramanets?

Update the second: Narelle in the comments points out that the catch can be seen on the front page of This is no way lessens my anger with Cricket Australia’s stupidity. Having a few minutes footage of a genius catch go viral is what you want, you fools! It’s not like youtube was hosting the entire match. Gah!


  1. Natalie Hatch on #

    Hubby was jumping around the lounge room when this catch happened. I think we’re voting Adam into the hall of fame on that catch alone.

  2. Steve Turrner on #

    Lovely work by Voges there… and it definitely turned the match in Australia’s favour.

    (Unfortunately, it looks like Cricket Australia had the video removed, so the embed doesn’t work now…)

  3. E. Kristin Anderson on #

    Sadly I’ve checked your blog too late to see the catch! However, some encouraging info from stateside:

    1. I went to Connecticut College in New London, where we had a very active club cricket team. It was started by mostly Indian and Pakistani students, but by the time I graduated there were tons of American kids playing as well! Sadly, I wasn’t one of them – I was already waaaay too busy. But I always thought that was cool.

    2. My new place in Austin is near the UT intramural fields. We were driving by on our way to get some burgers the other night and saw a whole slew of kids playing cricket.

    So, you might say it’s spreading!

  4. Narelle from Aus on #

    You can watch the catch at
    It’s on the front page so you won’t have to sift through lots of complaints about just things in general.

  5. Narelle from Aus on #

    I used to be a consultant that worked within Cricket Australia. There was an unprecedented level of smugness in which they made some of their decisions. I found it hard to comprehend that they would make decisions completely lacking in logic and with no consideration for those which make their organisation so successful, the supporters, so ire away!

  6. Don MacDonald on #

    Major League Baseball in the states is just as bad. They won’t let anyone post anything on the Internet, no matter how short. Just as dumb and shortsighted.

  7. Justine on #

    Narelle: I am not at all surprised. Though I’m not sure it’s particular to Cricket Australia, I haven’t heard much savvy thinking out of any of the cricket boards in the world, and don’t get me started on the ICC.

    Don: Good to know that it’s not just cricket!

  8. Narelle from Aus on #

    Justine wrote:

    Don’t get me started on the ICC

    Hehehehe – agreed. I worked at CA over a period of time that allowed me to see both Malcolm Speed and James Sutherland in charge. As much as Malcolm Speed scared the bejesus out of me initially, I found him more personable than James Sutherland after his promotion.

    I have the double whammy. I was at an AFL team for almost 6 years too. Even though my time in sports organisations finished 5 years ago, my forehead is still flat from all the repeated beatings of it against a wall.

  9. Andreas Øverland on #

    When doing a search in the search-box included in the video for Adam Voges, some videos show up. I guess people keep uploading different versions of the catch you wanted to show, to youtube.

    Anyway, I got here after reading the wonderful article on cricket for beginners. I’m a Norwegian who has never seen a complete cricket match. Today however, I’ve been a bit sick, and kept to my bed. To keep it from being a totally wasted day, I thought I might try to wrap my head around cricket. So I have watched youtube videos and read articles about cricket all day. Finally I got the score-thingy (with the forward dash) explained in your article.


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