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Jenny Davidson asked:

I am not a clothes person—I see why nice ones are nice, but I hate shopping and really I just wear jeans and a cotton shirt every day. BUT your description in the opening pages of Magic or Madness of the pants that Tom makes for Reason is so good (and the pants are so much what I would like for myself!) that I cannot resist asking you—yes, I know that really they are the creation of his magic talent . . . —BUT do you think there is a store I could go to in New York where I could get an approximation of those pants?!?

Good question. Cargo pants with lots of pockets. There was a point in the 1990s/early 2000s when they were everywhere. But I have not seen them in such quantities for awhile. I had a pair that I bought online cause they were featured on boingboing (sorry can’t find link). But I wouldn’t recommend them. While I loved them, and they were way cool, they fell apart after not many wears. There was sadness. Plus those were men’s pants, which for me is often a better fit than women’s (I really hate low waists) but not so for most women.

Google cargo pants many pockets and you’ll find a range of them. Though I have to say that after going through a page I found none that I liked. There was this pair. Not many pockets, but. Not a great colour. Also way low waist. *Shudder*

That search pulled up many many pages so you might find something. Plus I am extremely fussy.

Do any of my dear readers have any suggestions? Know of a great online or NYC shop that has a tonnes of many-pocketed cargo pants?


  1. Dan Goodman on #

    I suggest looking in camping/outdoor stores, and stores which sell work clothing. (That is, clothing for men who do manual labor. Clothing appropriate for white collar jobs would be unlikely to have nearly enough pockets.)

  2. robin on #

    My favorite pair comes from the Soho old navy. I wear them all summer long.

  3. Melissa on #

    I would definitely check out my website..
    We have alot of cargo pants from Old Navy, Gap, Da Nang just to name a few brands. I am sure you might find a pair that you might like.

  4. Jenny on #

    Thanks to everyone for their comments, and to Justine for posting my question! My brother, who is a carpenter and welder, observes on another topic that he is going to order me a boiler suit of my own next time he needs a new one for himself…

  5. E. Kristin Anderson on #

    When all else fails, I’d say go to Daffy’s. They have everything – but you have to make sure to stop by there pretty often, ’cause their inventory changes all the time. I miss Daffy’s so hardcore.

  6. Triskaideka on #

    randomness-do authors write their own summeries for their books? I have always wondered that.

  7. Amber on #

    I actually like those pants! lol Even the color, but pink is my favorite color. I haven’t seen pants like that since around 2000.

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