Not a good day for cricket

First the Kiwis were robbed by the rain in the final ODI, excuse me, Twenty20 match, which they were so totally going to win. Stupid rain! Stupid umpires for not letting play continue for a mere six more overs. Guptill did great. What little cricket we did see was wonderfully entertaining. And then the rains returned.

But much much much worse is the abandonment of the second test between the West Indies and England after a mere ten balls. Cricket cannot be played on sand. It’s dangerous. I was pretty sure the West Indies authorities were aware of that, but apparently not. At the Gabba in Brisbane in 2002-2003 the sandy outfield led to Simon Jones buggering his knee as he slid to prevent a four.

Here’s the great Sir Vivian Richards on what happened at the ground named after him: “This is not shooting me in the foot. This is shooting me straight through the heart.”

Makes me want to cry.


  1. KricketTragic on #

    Were those ten balls televised? Not even two overs. It must have been bad. I’d like to see it.

  2. Dave H on #

    I just saw Adam Voges’ catch from the Twenty20 match – that was astonishing. As much time as I spend around world-class athletes, I’m still amazed at the way they can pull off something like that. It isn’t just athletic ability, it is the speed of thought required to have the presence of mind to toss the ball back into the air in a way that he could make the second catch.

  3. Justine on #

    KricketTragic: Dunno. But I’ve seen photos of the ground. It was bad.

    Dave H: Yup. Amazing. I’ll be blogging later on. That and J. P. Duminy’s catch are my picks of the summer.

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