1. Valerine on #

    I see you, Mozilla Firefox

  2. Lauren on #

    I can see it with firefox.

  3. me on #

    All fine on Safari 3.1.2

  4. Patrick on #

    Can you see this comment? It is in IE7.

  5. El on #

    Saw it first in my RSS feed reader, clicked through into IE7; can see it fine.

  6. Harriet on #

    I can see it. IE 6 (not my browser of choice, but the standard on my work computer). Saw it first through Google Reader, then clicked through to page.

  7. Stefanie on #

    Working fine for me. Using Firefox.

  8. cbjames on #

    I can see it with Safari on an elderly iMac

  9. sammi on #

    yup, i can see it. internet explorer.

  10. Ariel Zeitlin Cooke on #

    Yes, read you loud and clear. Mac. Firefox.

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