All fixed

All the problems of the past two days appear to have been resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience. Especially to those of you who had your comments eaten.

Thanks for chiming in on last post. I no longer feel like I have lost my mind. Just my website for a couple of days. And, praise Elvis, may it never happen again.

We can now resume normal blog activity.

For those who missed the post that was only visible to a handful of you for most of the day there’s a sneak preview of my latest published effort.

Thanks to everyone who wrote to share their concern about the absence and/or weirdness of my site today. It’s nice to know you care.


  1. Emily on #

    Your welcome!!! 🙂

  2. lilly on #

    I’m not entirely sure it is all fixed. For some reason the top post on /blog is “My husband=teh crazy” but if you go to your home page you can see that you have also posted about the election and unicorns and zombies since that post. Just to let you know!

  3. Justine on #

    Lilly: What browser and platform are you using?

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