All those with a crush on Rachel Maddow raise your hand (Updated)

Yes, it counts if you want to be her BFF. I mean who doesn’t want to be Rachel Maddow’s best friend?

I am addicted to her MSNBC show. Is there a gentler, more wry, less angry pundit in the world? Who’s as smart as Rachel Maddow? I think not. She exudes zen calm. She’s goofy and a bit of a dag.

I love her.

This way too brief profile makes me love her more. She always has a bottle of champers in the fridge! Me too! She has self doubt! Me too! She has a Phd! Me too! She drives a pick up truck! Me too!

Oh, wait. I can’t drive. Never mind. But if I could drive and actually liked cars and trucks then maybe I would drive a pick up truck just like hers.

Um. Forget that bit. The champers is enough to go on, isn’t it?

To sum up: Rachel Maddow = teh awesome.


For those wondering who Rachel Maddow is—click on the links!


  1. Janet on #

    I love her too. She looks like she was drawn by Alison Bechdel!

  2. Marie on #

    *raises hand*

  3. Emily on #

    me too! lol

  4. pixelfish on #

    She just seems so practical and rational. Which is good. We need more practical rational people.

  5. snaz on #

    I only discovered her a week back (not being in the US) but my obsession grows daily. She makes me all giggly. And yet I’m also learning. What a woman.

    I admit I also googled. I am not ashamed!

  6. nathaniel on #

    OMG she is totally my secret girlfriend and has been for years. i jumped up and down when they announced that she was getting her own show!

  7. veejane on #

    I have to admit, I’m still amazed that they let her on TV. Like, she has dyke-short hair! She does not giggle! She does not obligatorily cover the mooshy human-interest story! She likez gurlez!!

    …So the fact that she’s wry and clever is just kind of icing on the cake, you know? Just watching her read a teleprompter expressionlessly would be landmarky enough on TV.

  8. Kristine Smith on #

    ::raises hand::

    I was so happy when she started filling in for Keith Olbermann on a regular basis. I actually started preferring her to Keith, and wondered when MSNBC would get off its duff and give her her own show.

    She is an island of calm.

  9. Emily B. on #

    I have to admit… i dont know who Rachel Maddow is. But judjing on all of your reactions, she must be cool.

  10. AndrewN on #

    She’s been on Air America Radio for about 4 years. Wonderful stuff. The transition to TV has been disappointing for those of us who liked listening in the car. She’s incredibly smart about politics (and incredibly fair to opposing viewpoints).

  11. Justine on #

    AndrewN: I’m wondering if car driving is part of the big divide on listening to radio. As in car drivers listen to way more radio than those of us who don’t drive.

    That said I do listen to a lot of podcasts on the way to and from gym and on planes. But traditional radio? Don’t listen to any at all anymore. Not sure there even is a radio in the flat.

  12. AndrewN on #

    When you have to spend an hour a day, or more in the car, podcasts, books-on-tape (an anachronism twice removed) are mostly what I listen to but eventually I run out, then it’s radio. Left leaning talk radio, I can’t abide the right wing talk radio. It keeps me up to date with current affairs and not always what I would choose to listen to.

    In my ideal world I’d like to be able to stream the most recent Rachel Maddow show whenever I want on my iPhone. If it’s only a couple of hours later it’s still current, but that doesn’t seem possible at-the-moment. The podcasts of her show are a day late, stale news, maybe that’s not important but it does still feel like it is.

    Live talk radio has the appeal you could call in and talk with the host, never going to happen but we can dream. Too busy driving to call.

    Other great radio hosts I love listening to: Randy Rhodes, Tom Hartman. Both intelligent, fair and not afraid to talk with the “other” side.

  13. Lissa on #

    *raises hand and waves it around wildly* Me, too!! Me and my Joe were just talking about how amazingly wonderful she is.

    I love the way she sees the ridiculousness of a lot of these ‘news’ stories and isn’t afraid to show her feelings. Ridiculous as in in-need-of-ridicule, not as in funny-ha-ha.

    And how she’s not afraid to call/single out anyone, no matter whose ‘side’ they’re on, if they’ve done something thoughtless or stupid or silly or contradictory or good or thoughtful or nice or noteworthy.

    And I could go one. I’m in love! 🙂

  14. Lissa on #


    And I could go one on. I’m in love!

  15. Valerine on #

    I have been raving about Rachel Maddow to anyone who would listen since I started watching her show my hubby a few weeks back. What was incredible to me was learning that her show first aired on 9/8/08. I had no idea who she was until recently, but her show felt so genuine so good that I thought she’d been on the air for a while now. I am impressed with her wit, her calm, and the fact that she has gotten so far and she’s not that much older than I am!
    /fangirling right back!

  16. Bethany on #

    Oh my god I love her too! She’s so cool!

  17. John H on #

    I never had much chance to hear her on the radio, but she was always showing up on Keith Olbermann’s Countdown (the show that now precedes her on MSNBC). I added her to my DVR selections as soon as her show was announced — the only shows I watch (DVR) now are KO, Rachel, Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert, Bill Maher and True Blood…

  18. Ray on #

    I have a huge crush on her. I’m in deep sh*t in love with her. SHe makes me laugh.
    I still want to date someone like her.

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