Alien Onion

Allen & Unwin, my Australian publisher, has a blog: Alien Onion. (See if you can figure out why it is thus named.) And they has written a post welcoming me. I is dead chuffed. Thank ‘ee!

There’s also a preview of the Oz cover of How To Ditch Your Fairy. See if you can spot what’s different to the US cover.

Do check out the rest of their blog it’s the most lively fun publisher’s blog I’ve seen. With lots of excellent guests and pictures of cake. I think it will give you an inkling of why I am so ecstatic that Allen & Unwin is my new Australian home.


  1. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    Cool blog. 😀

    Heeeey, if you say Allen & Unwin really fast…. *gets it*

    I know what’s dif: the fairy moves differently, the font of the title is changed, and your name is slightly smaller. Also, the lighting is a bit different, and there is no blurb.


  2. pixelfish on #

    I can’t tell if the font is different or just not with title caps. It also seems to be black instead of purple-ish. But Mary got the rest of it.

  3. C.C on #

    You know, i could have sworn i saw How to Ditch your fairy in Kinokuniya, that massively awesome bookstore in The Galeries on George Street in Sydney the other week. It was right next to the Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging on the display shelf… Or i could have just been hallucinating.

  4. Justine on #

    C.C: That’d be the US edition.

  5. Tim on #

    Awesome that it’ll be published in Australia. I hadn’t heard anything about it so I kept checking the “L” section in the Teen shelf at any bookstore I visited. Just a quick question – if we had to pick one, would you prefer us buying the US version now, or waiting until the Aus version comes out and buying that one? (Or does it not really matter?) Obviously it would be best for us to buy both (and copies for all of our friends, family and even our mortal enemies), but let’s say we’re slightly not-so-wealthy university students with bookshelves that can barely fit one copy let alone two.

    Also that blog post on you was very awesome! I’m glad to hear that HTDYF is getting such good reviews and that your publisher is so excited to bring it out in Australia! Not that I can blame them for being so excited, of course…

  6. girliejones on #

    your name seems smaller to me!

  7. Justine on #

    girliejones: I know! Typical Aussies cutting the tall poppies down! Or, you know, in this case making the ant with tickets on herself into a gnat.

  8. girliejones on #

    Grumble grumble. Though I don’t think it will matter – have been thoroughly enjoying it, it’s a great read!

  9. C.C on #

    Oooh that makes sense. With the US Edition thing. I’ll go get me a copy next time I’m there 😀

  10. vnhgdr on #


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