Explosions ahead!

The fabulous and multi-talented—she runs, she swims, she writes, she academes!—Jenny Davidson’s first Young Adult novel, The Explosionist is published today.

Woo hooo!!!!!!

I for one cannot wait to read it. I’ve been following Jenny’s blog for a few years now and it has led me down many long and pleasant internet paths. Her interests and expertises are wide and diverse and her blog is one of my very favourites. If The Exposionist is a tenth as interesting and smart as Jenny is then it will GO OFF!!!

Run, don’t walk to your nearest book shop or library and get yourself a copy! I know I’m going to.


  1. marrije on #

    you are telling me you have not yet read this book?!?! how is this possible? i thought you would have read it months ago.

    aah, i think this makes up a bit for john green and gwenda bond having already read “octavian nothing II” – there are people close to the fire who also have to wait for books i really want to read.

    (“the explosionist” is currently winging its way to me (yay), since i pre-ordered it months ago).

  2. Justine on #

    Jenny: You’re welcome! Congratulations!

    Marrije: I’ve not been able to do much pleasure reading lately. The book I’m working on requires a tonne of research so I’ve been reading many non-fiction tomes and for some bizarre reason people keep sending me books to blurb (though the last one was a beaut). The Explosionist and the M. T. Anderson are pleasures I’m having to defer right now. Waaah!

  3. Colleen on #

    I reviewed it in my June column (which is still up at Bookslut – probably through the weekend).


    If you like Jenny’s blog then you will love this book – it’s exactly as smart and interesting and filled with fascinating twists and turns through history as you would expect.

    And chilling – really chilling in a “politics are scary” kind of way. (Think Jo Walton’s “Farthing” kind of chilling.)

  4. Nabi on #

    Sweet! I pre-ordered it a while ago and I got my copy today!

  5. cuileann on #

    Huh, I’d been hearing snatches about this book and thought it was already out. Well, good to know I’ll actually be able to get my hands on it when I clear away some of the rubble from the literary explosion that takes place in my room every vacation.

  6. caitlin on #

    I started reading The Explosionist last night and I’m nearly half through fantastic read. Thanks again for you wonderful blurbs.

  7. Justine on #

    Caitlin: I’m glad you’re liking it. Though strictly speaking I haven’t blurbed The Explosionist because I haven’t read it yet.

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