Listen, mosquitoes!

I know that you mozzies have an ecological niche to fill. I’m sure that if you were wiped out some fabulous bird species would become extinct. I even get that my blood is your food. I’m not thrilled when you bite my hands and feet, my arms, legs, back and belly, none of that is exactly fun, but for the love of Elvis—could you stop biting my ears?


Is that really too much to ask?


  1. cuileann on #

    Oh heavens. Such barbaric insects. Australian diminuitives really do make me happy, though.

  2. Chris S. on #

    Also, the bottoms of our feet are OFF LIMITS!

  3. Dave Hogg on #

    I’ll take ears if they will stay away from my eyelids!

  4. Justine on #

    Those are also bad. I’d also like to know why I am covered in bites and Scott has none.

  5. Dess/Bethany on #

    Maybe your smell attracts them or his smell detracts them…

  6. chris barnes on #

    Ah, looks like you’re one of the people put on this planet to attract the mozzies away from the rest of us. For which we thank you.

    Actually, mozzies only drink blood to nurture their eggs. For themselves, they mostly live on nectar like other insects. Not that that’s any consolation.

  7. Kenina-chan on #

    The worst bites are on the earlobe and on the heel of your foot. I’m one of those people who gets bitten in the winter.

  8. Justine on #

    Chris: Wait. You’re telling me my blood is being used to make MORE mozzies? Elvis wept.

    Kenina: Me too! I’m starting to think mozzies hate girls. Or, rather, really love us.

  9. Dess on #

    I aways get bitten in the strangest places. Places like the soles of your feet are the worst becuase you can’t really scratch them with shoes on. I think i have a bite on or near my eye too. PAIN!!!

  10. capt. cockatiel on #

    I always get bites on my back. T-shirts just aren’t enough to fend them off, I guess. Or something. My worst memories of mosquitoes are from when I was in Alaska a few years ago in the summer and I would sleep under all the covers, with them over my head, in a sad attempt not to get bitten in the night. It didn’t work well. And it was hot. And at the phone booth (we were literally staying on the outskirts of a national park) I would have to dance around while on the phone with my mother. That didn’t work to keep them off, either.

  11. caitlin on #

    Sorry, folks Mozzies don’t bite me either. No idea why … someone needs to write a story about this…

  12. sash on #

    apparently eating bananas and having b type blood attracts the little suckers to you. I’ve also heard something about being low in vitamin b.
    it’s a ‘b’ thing obviously.

  13. the dragonfly on #

    I’m a mosquito magnet. *sigh* People like when I go camping with them ’cause the mozzies swarm me and leave everyone else alone.

  14. rebecca on #

    some people just have that magical ability to repel mosquitoes. my grandmother never ever gets bitten, but the rest of us get eaten alive. you can’t really go outside in the summertime down here unless you a) keep moving or b) are going swimming. i’m a bit surprised they have them in nyc–it seems like such a non-mosquitoey place. 😛

  15. Amy on #

    I, too, am a mosquito magnet, but I shall share my hard-earned knowledge with you, grasshoppa.

    Cut down on sugar, and eat more garlic. Yes, it really is that simple. The garlic has the added bonus of keeping vampires away; of course, it’ll probably keep Scott away, too, so tell him to indulge in more garlic along with you!

  16. Justine on #

    Amy: That’s deeply hilarious. You would not believe how much garlic I eat. My bare minimum is a head of garlic a day. The night I woke up with 26 new mozzie bites I’d used five whole garlic heads in the dinner I made for us. According to my data mozzies LOVE garlic.

  17. Amy on #

    Curses! Foiled again!

    Seriously, it’s always worked for me. Sorry I wasn’t more of a help!

  18. him on #

    a spoon of vegie for breakfast!

  19. Elodie on #

    Eating less sugar REALLY does help. I’ve always been a salt more than a sugar girl, and my friends on the other hand are all over candy and such, and I always get much less bites than them 😀
    Also, why guys are safe from mosquitoes: They have MANLY HAIR which is like a forest for those mosquitoes, so they can’t get through it! (at least, that’s the logic me and my family have come up with XD)

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