Another HTDYF review

Reviews of How to Ditch Your Fairy two days in a row and the book isn’t out until September! A most excellent week this is. Yay! This one is from Libby at Lessons from the Tortoise and once again the reviewer did not find my book too foul:

I really found this world fascinating. The slang was fun (“doos” for “cool” or “good” was one of my favorites), the mild bi-coastal tension was intriguing, and the imaginary sports academy that Charlie and her friends attend was nightmarishly on-target. These teenagers live in a world I don’t inhabit, but they’re still recognizably teenagers, with all the trivial and serious concerns (clothes, romance, sports, and school) that the teenagers I know share. The “new kid” has Charlie questioning some of her assumptions, but so do the other changes she’s going through; life is realistically complicated, in other words, for these characters.

I glow.1 I will admit I’ve been nervous about the reception of HTDYF because it’s so very different from the trilogy and because it’s meant to be funny. Nothing worse than a funny book that isn’t, you know? So it’s a relief that at least two reviewers giggled!

  1. And not just because it’s a ten degrees hotter in the flat than it is outside where it’s already 30C at 9AM. []


  1. Maureen Johnson on #

    I giggled all the way through! I love this book! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I need to take time out of my day to love it!

  2. Libby on #

    since you’re too modest to say it here, I will: not only did I not find it too foul, I loved it! (Please tell me you’re writing more about these kids…)

  3. caitlin on #

    Yay! For all the good reviews I work with YA books and can’t wait to the book comes out so I can share it with teens and adult YA readers. I really love the Aussie slang.

  4. Justine on #

    caitlin: There’s no Aussie slang in HTDYF. I made the slang up.

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