My next book (Updated)

Some of youse are asking what it is that I’m hard at work on. You know the thing that’s impeding my ability to get other stuff done like answer email?

It is a book.

Here is where I explain all about said book. I can also tell you that I estimate it will be about 60 thousand words long or possibly 300 pages. Unless it’s not.

There, hope you’re satisfied! You know so much that there’s hardly any point in reading it now. See what your questions lead to? I hope you’ve learned your lesson.

Update: No, no one has guessed the name of the song by a 90s all-girl band that I took the title from.


  1. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    Oh, of course! I know exactly what that one’s about. (Unless I don’t.) I suppose I’ll read it anyway, though, just to pass the time. ;D


  2. limeywesty on #

    I’ll read it, don’t worry Justine.
    and once I’m finished reading it, i’ll pass it along to all of my friends.
    and after all that, I guess it’ll sit on my book shelf with your other books, until I decide to read it again…
    and then, I’m assuming it will learn to fly.
    and I will feel sad, because there is a likely chance it will want to see the world outside my room, and realise there are better places to read.
    give your book s a stern talking to before they are shipped off around the world.

  3. ariel cooke on #

    Justine,I’m so glad you are writing at a furious pace because then I get to read it at the end. Lately I am liking non-fantasy better than fantasy–The White Darkness, The Real-Life Adventures of a Part-Time Indian, Touching Snow–but I think it’s because so many people do fantasy because it’s popular, not because they are truly impelled toward it. You are different. You do fantasy so well that I kind of think you are wasted on non-fantasy. But maybe you will convince me otherwise. I can’t wait!!

  4. Hillary! on #

    Yeah, I really do know far too much about your forthcoming book! Shame! I’ll still read it, though, me being the faithful reader/fan that I am. My eyes hurt.

  5. anon on #

    Chapel of Love?

  6. julie on #

    Your book is about liars and DNA and New York police. The title of the book must be a song about lying New York police who have DNA. Right?

  7. caitlin on #

    L7 perhaps? Though, I’m sure they’re already been guessed. Looking forward to the new book already.

  8. Michael Bush on #

    Completely unsubstantiated, but did anyone put a good word in for Hole’s ‘Doll Parts’? It fits the nineties all-girl(-and-one-boy-who-everyone-always-forgets-about, as was the nineties trend) band quota, at least, and is crying out to be a book title.

    Cheerio, Michael. xxx

  9. Rachel on #

    I think it’s L7 too, caitlin – Pretend We’re Dead.
    ‘Cause that’s an awesome title.

  10. Justine on #

    You’re all still wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

    Ariel: Thank you so much! Your comments made my day. Though I really am enjoying writing realism. It’s a challenge! I promise I will be back to fantasy with the next book.

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