Burma (Updated)

Current estimates say that in the wake of Cyclone Nargis 100,000 people have died and a million are homeless.

I’ve been trying to figure out where best to donate to make sure that the money actually goes to the people struggling to survive in Burma. Most people are saying that UNICEF and the UNHCR are the best bets seeing as how the UN is one of the few agencies getting aid into the country. So that’s what me and Scott have done.

If anyone else knows of other organisations who are able to get in and help, please let me know in the comments. Thanks.

Update: Lots of people have been suggesting Avaaz which is apparently getting the money directly to monks in the effected areas.


  1. Dave Hogg on #

    The current government of Burma – I refuse to dignify them with the other name – is so corrupt that I have no confidence that any aid is going to get to the victims.

  2. capt. cockatiel on #

    Regarding the government there, aren’t they not letting any aid into the country and asking that money is sent instead? Because that along with the corruption are not a good match.
    Though I suppose that trying is always better than sitting around and watching.

  3. Justine on #

    The UN is already in Burma and already helping people. Yes, the government is corrupt and evil and largely responsible for just how bad this has been but money donated to the UN will help the situation.

  4. him on #

    medecins sans frontier (www.msf.org.au) non sectarian, non judgemental and on the ground in the Delta

  5. limeywesty on #

    there’s no way the military junta is going to let any money or aid in any time soon.
    they wouldn’t scar their socialist pride like that…
    but I did have a rather long rant about it, and Laura Bush if anyone cares to feel inflamed.
    Aung San Suu Kyi is my hero.

  6. Dave H. on #

    Unfortunately, this is exactly what I was worried about:

    U.N. Suspends Aid to Myanmar

    The United Nations said it would suspend flights into Myanmar after the military government seized the food and equipment it had sent into the country.

  7. Justine on #

    The military junta is stunning in its evil.

    Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone.

  8. Cat Sparks on #

    Avaaz is suggesting people send money to the Burmese monks:

    Avaaz is raising funds for the International Burmese Monks Organization and related groups, which will transmit funds directly to monasteries in affected areas.

    In many of the worst-hit areas, the monasteries are the only source of shelter and food for Burma’s poorest people. They have been on the front lines of the aid effort since the storm struck. Other forms of aid could be delayed, diverted or manipulated by the Burmese government–but the monks are the most trusted and reliable institution in the country


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