Still the grossest . . .

Another review of First Kiss (Then Tell) edited by Cylin Busby and here’s my story’s mention:

Hands down favorite for sheer grossness (it was so gross it was funny!) was Justine Larbalestier’s “Pashin'”, a tale of her friend’s first kiss.

I am the grossest of them all.


  1. dragonfly on #

    congratulations! 😛

  2. Danica on #

    Ahhh! Why do none of the bookstores in this city have it??! Grrrr.
    I think I’ll have to order it.

  3. doselle on #

    Gross? You? No! No one would EVER think YOU could be gross, Justine. I mean, I’ve seen some pretty disgusting pictures but I assumed they had all been photoshopped by your near and dear.

    I feel sick now. Sick, I tell you!

  4. Jane Volker on #

    John O’Grady – First proper kiss. I nearly died of shock when he stuck his tongue in my mouth. The teddy I’d practised long and hard on had never done that. He also tried to cop a feel through a duffle coat, school jumper, shirt and vest (Yes – although 14 I still wasn’t developed enough for a bra). I didn’t eat for three days afterwards (only tonsillitis has put me off my food for that long since) and I never spoke to him again. Ah embarrassment can make a girl very unfriendly.

    Glad to say it didn’t put me off kissing though!

  5. Dess on #

    I can’t wait to read it. I won the contest over on Cecil Castellucci’s blog. *happy dance* None of the book stores near me have it either.

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