Anyone know any NYPD officers? (Updated)

Especially NYPD officers who might be interested in talking to a writer what needs to ask them lots of questions. In particular I need to talk to missing persons and homicide police.

My fingers are crossed.

Update: Thanks, everyone. Since most of my tips are coming via email, I’m turning comments off. If you have helpful info my contact info is here.


  1. El on #

    Don’t know any, but lots of police departments have public outreach departments. They’ll often hook up writers and detectives, set up ride-alongs, and such. Worth a shot, anyway.

    (Maybe I shouldn’t say “shot” when talking about cops…)

  2. Lisa Yee on #

    I hope this is work related.

  3. Gwenda on #

    What El said — I’d definitely call their PR rep and ask. Most likely, they have a policy where anyone you found is supposed to run it by that person before they talk to someone for research purposes anyway.

  4. Leisa on #

    My brother-in-law is a beat cop in NYC, not in missing persons or homicides, but he might be useful…

  5. ysa on #

    does it have to be NYPD? because i bet if you asked really nicely, meg cabot would lend you Officer Friendly for a while.

    (have capped NYPD and Officer Friendly for respect and stuffs, but after this post, i am back to no big letters again!)

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