1. Patrick, the Space Lord on #

    Is that David Hasselhoff on the monitor looking over everyone? I knew he was ‘big brother’.

  2. Justine on #

    Dunno who it was. I wish it was the Hoff. That would have been fabulous.

  3. shloopy on #

    Hahahaha! I just read 1984, so that cracked me up.
    I like the pretty, shiny lights. even if they’re pink.
    Nice ties…

  4. Kadie-Wa on #

    haha, they are looking extremely proud. I agree with shloopy, the lights ARE pink!

  5. Mike on #

    Is this the call back for the YA version of Brideshead Revisited? Scott as Sebastian Flyte, David as Charles Ryder, perhaps.

  6. shausto-la on #

    aww. scott looks like he should have a dainty little cup of tea in his hand to go with that smug expression on his face.

    that looks like a police officer in the far background…maybe coming to arrest that David Hasselhoff on the screen..

  7. kim on #

    1984 was on of the three books that i had to read for summer reading that i realy kinda liked.

    the “big brother” idea scared me. someone watching you all the time? *shiver*

  8. kim on #

    scott looks cute.

  9. Garth Nix on #

    Hey, those are the two guys who took all my money playing vingt et un in Monte Carlo back in 1923!

  10. Justine on #

    Just as well you got it all back then, eh, Garth?

  11. kim on #

    they look british.

  12. amy fiske on #

    “they look british.”

    oh, now you’ve done it. expect a rant in 3…2…1…

    (come on, justine, don’t let me down)

  13. Justine on #

    Amy: No rant from me. She didn’t say I Iook like British.

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