Uni***ns + High School Musical

Libba Bray1 is the best friend a girl could have. Look what she done gived me:

oh my Elvis!

I screamed.

Do you notice the choking hazard warning? And that the evil uni***n is call “Destructicorn”?

Happy sigh.

Have any of you seen High School Musical? I think it may be the most conflict-free movie I’ve ever watched. Quite astonishing. I admit I was a tad disappointed by the choreography. The dance sequences were much better in She’s the Man. Also how come there were so few songs? And is that the richest high school in all of the US of A? The size of the gym! and the theatre! and the gorgeous patio! Wow. Also the basketball team had about twelve different uniforms. Way more than the New York Liberty have.

Speaking of the WNBA. The last of the finals is on tomorrow. Let’s go Phoenix!

  1. and since I’m mentioning Libba I should also mention that Maureen Johnson is not the only one to have already read The Sweet Far Thing. That’s right! Me too. It is deeply awesome. The best of the trilogy. []


  1. haddy on #

    haha why did you watch that?
    what gave the urge to whatch that horribal movie did you know that all the songs sound the same the sound the same in the second one too not that i watched the second one i herd it in the background from another room

    i also saw those things in a funny store befor haha

  2. haddy on #

    and i watch the first one and i regret it

  3. Dawn on #

    Hey…I didn’t think high school musical was THAT bad. The second one is cheesier than the first…but they’re still not that bad.

    Libba is so cool on so many levels.

    It’s REALLY REALLY REALLY unfair that you’ve gotten to read TSFT!! I wanna read it so bad.

  4. Holly on #

    Your unicorns fill me with ENVY! So does all the fun I just know you guys had.

  5. Rebecca on #

    ah, the good vs. evil uni***ns. brought to you by the same wonderful people who created the avenging uni***n and the avenging narwhal. and possibly the jesus and librarian action figures. hehehehehehehe.

    i have not watched high school musical 1 or 2. no plans to do so, either. the soundtrack snippets on itunes kinda turned me off, to be honest. those kids sound way too happy.

  6. jaida on #

    can we have a “the sweet far thing” club???

    Meanwhile, i am so jealous of your unicorns…!

  7. Rebecca on #

    oh, and i forgot–go phoenix!! so glad they won game 4. it was kinda hard to cheer for them since they swept the stars, but i still like ’em better than detroit. can’t say that there’s any actual basis for this decision, but eh, they’re in the western conference at least. 😉

  8. Katie on #

    High school musical is the worst movie-turned-marketing-scheme ever!!! and that’s all it is anymore. we had to watch it at school last year. it was supposed to be a reward, but i found it to be punishment. it *must* be a really rich school. Why did you watch it though? Why would anyone subject themselves to such torture?
    As for the u*******, those are fabulous! where did you find them?

  9. hereandnow on #

    I love those unicorns – what an awesome present! They’re like my little pony, but *even more evil*. Well played, Libba Bray.

    I bought High School Musical on a whim – it was super-cheap in JB hi-fi one day plus a lot of my friends love it – and I wish I hadn’t, because it now just sits on my shelf mocking me. Although the basketball number is quite good. I dunno. You’re right about the lack of conflict, and even the music doesn’t do much for me. It’s treble-y and empty, like fairy floss. I’m not averse to fluffy entertainment, but I was raised on cole porter and sondheim and giant slabs of the broadway canon, so hsm doesn’t sound right to me. Just my two cents.

  10. Danica on #

    I saw the first High School Musical and nearly vomited. (This is coming from someone who is a huge fan of musicals and loves them all, no matter how bad.) I only watched it because a bunch of my friends were talking about how amazing it was, so I wanted to see what the hype was all about. WOW, was that ever a waste of my time!

    I was stunned when I heard they made a sequel. I haven’t seen it yet, and I never plan to.

    BUT I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOUR UNICORNS!!! AHHH!!! (For your information, the latter was all in caps.)

  11. Rebecca on #

    Oh, hsm! It’s so silly. The second one has a little more conflict than the first, but it’s worse. If you can imagine. I liked the first one. Kinda. I’m a huge disney fan (and I’m from orlando, florida! represent!), so it’s almost as if it’s required of me to love their stuff unconditionally. but i don’t love it unconditionally.

    some of it’s sweet. i like a few of the characters. i like the message. unlike grease where the woman is expected to sacrifice for the man, high school musical suggests that both people in a relationship should step out of their comfort zone for each other. gabriella was trying to change her image to begin with (for herself) and troy was trying to find his way into independence from his father. which i like.

    i also like the message about status quo (the song which discusses it is completely debunked by the end of the movie, except perhaps for sharpay and her brother). Okay, I’ve spent too long analyzing.

    I’m sure all the kids watch for zac and vanessa, but i love musicals. i love disney. and i love my sister (who forced me to watch it after much resistance). i ended up liking it for what it was worth. which isn’t too much, but it was enough to assure me that disney can send the right message every once in a while. they just need to tone down the fake and step up the real. that would be my real criticism of kids tv shows… lack of realism. lots of sitcoms and cartoons. lots of fluff. i love that ya lit is deeper than that. it makes me really happy.

    okay, i’m done now. thanks for listening!


  12. Diana on #

    the thing that really bothered me is that high school musical wasn’t about, well, you know. A high school musical. They should have called it auditions for a high school musical.

    also, i’d never seen auditions like that in my life — with all those costumes and microphones and planned choreography that had nothing to do with the actual musical?

  13. Justine on #

    I, too, adore musicals. Even bad ones. That’s why the lack of music and dance numbers was so disappointing to me. I did like the basketball number though.

    Diana: Exactly. I thought it was going to be like a Judy Garland/Mickey Rooney movie from the thirties and it would wind up with them putting on the show. But there was no show!

    There was enough plot for a half hour episode of a TV show—not a whole movie.

  14. Kenina on #

    Our chorus teacher forced us to watch it and then perform ‘Breaking Free’ in one of our concerts. Let’s just say that during the concert people were laughing uncontrollably, some of the chorus and some of the audience and me.

    I didn’t like it because the message was so forced and that it was utterly predictable, but y’know, that’s just me.

    Hmmm… I want a Destructicorn.

  15. hereandnow on #

    I thought it was going to be like a Judy Garland/Mickey Rooney movie from the thirties and it would wind up with them putting on the show. But there was no show!

    i had this exact same reaction – ‘WTF, it’s over? where’s the other half of the movie?!’

  16. Libba on #

    Awww, love you, Justine. xo

    But what up with the asterisks in unicorn? does something happen if we type the whole word? is it like The Ring and i’m going to get a creepy phone call and die if i put the cor in the middle of unicorn? Just wondering.

    I’m still shell-shocked from Hsm. It was like that scene from a clockwork orange where malcolm mcdowell’s eyes are forcibly propped open and he is made to watch the horror.

  17. Maggie on #

    Ha! Keep those unicorns in their box. Someday they’ll be worth a *fortune*!

  18. Corey on #

    Haha, a year ago a co-worker got me the “Freedom vs. Commie” battling unicorn set as a joke. 😉

  19. hillary! on #

    OMG! I sooo need to get one for my friend. She loves uni***ns. It’s kinda creepy actually…her room almost looks like that one scene from *Dodgeball*

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