Writing is hard

I know many of you think that the writing life is dead easy and we all sit around sipping pina coladas while we dictate to our secretaries.1 Nothing could be further from the truth:

Note the post-its stuck to her arm and chest. I’m not quite sure what that’s about . . .

PS: This is what happens to those who cross me by putting me in videos when they promised they would not.

  1. Though I hear that’s exactly what Raymond Chandler used to do. []


  1. Amanda Coppedge on #

    Ack, what is this, the Bermudez dodecahedron? Did she fall into an alternate dimension?

  2. Rebecca on #

    ^ hehehehehehehe. awesome. 😀

  3. hillary! on #

    So…is this her comeupance? Did I even spell that right?
    She does look very frazzled though. Is this her writing *Suite Scarlett*?

  4. hillary! on #

    I only see the Post-It on her arm, not her chest.

  5. Justine on #

    Hillary!: She is indeed working on Suite Scarlett.

    See the pink thing on her chest that could be a shirt? That’s a post-it.

  6. Eugene on #

    No wonder it’s hard—she’s writing by hand!

  7. Dawn on #

    Yeah…it’s definitely work sometimes. Gives me a headache…and lack of sleep. So much lack of sleep that I cherish the breaks I put in between my classes. I’m a smart one. 🙂

  8. jenny d on #

    maureen johnson has an awfully nice haircut!

  9. hillary! on #

    OHHHHHHHH! I did think that the Post-It was mthe note! I can’t wait for *Suite Scarlett*!

  10. Malcolm Tredinnick on #

    Woe betide anybody who really ticks you off. You might be inspired to create an oil painting off them, rather than just a really nice photo collage.

    Nice picture. 🙂

  11. Patrick on #

    It’s so hard to find a good secretary these days. So many writers are forced to use computers.

    “Dragon naturally speaking” seems appropriate as voice recognition software for fantasy writers even though actual dragons are horrible at writing…

    That collage makes me think of Bizarro Superman for sum reason.

  12. Trish on #

    I’m wondering if Maureen will tell me where to find post-it notes that stick to clothing. I can’t even get mine to stick to things they’re actually supposed to stick to.

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