Barzak Day

It’s Christopher Barzak day! I’ve known Barzak for years. In fact when we first met I’m pretty sure neither of us had been published yet. And here we are both with books.

His first, One for Sorrow, comes out today. It’s a wonderfully moving sad beautiful ghost story. If you don’t believe me ask Scott. It’s published as adult but totally works as YA. Though it would get the 14+ classification on account of the sex in it. Steamy sex.

You can read an essay by the man himself on Gwenda’s blog. Or you can check out Barzak’s blog. But whatever you do make sure you get hold of One for Sorrow. If you’re broke then make your library order a copy. You’ll not regret it. Promise!


  1. jaida on #

    That’s TODAY? HOORAY!!! It’s time to go out to B&N right. now. I have been desperately awaiting this book for months and months.

  2. Justine on #

    I can’t wait either. The version I read was several years old and Scott says the final version is vastly superior—so I can’t imagine how fabulous it is because the version I read was awesome.

  3. jaida on #

    I have and I am reading. SO so so so so awesome. So happy. Well, also sad. But happy because awesome books make me happy.

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