Train train train

In not that many hours we—Holly Black, Theo Black, Cassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson and Scott and me—get on the train and head to Atlanta, Georgia for DragonCon. Is it bad that I’m more excited about the train than the con? And I’m vastly excited about the con.

I plan to blog from Atlanta but much depends on the outrageous internet charges of our hotel. I will do what I can.

My schedule of events at DragonCon can be found over on Scott’s blog.

In other news I finished the first round of editorial rewrites on The UFB today. I am knackered but really looking forward to not thinking about that book for at least a week or so. Yay!


  1. Rebecca on #

    there should be video documentation of this event. there absolutely must be. you should film it, since you know all about camera angles and such. 😀 😀

  2. Justine on #

    Good God! What a hideous suggestion. If I have anything to do with it there will be no video shot on the train! Some things have to be private. What happens on dragontrain stays on dragontrain.

  3. Celia on #

    Awesome! I didn’t know you were going to Dragoncon. I’m even going down early (well, early-ish), because we’re going to the AQUARIUM! on friday. I secretly *love* dragoncon because it’s so totally comfortable with its very very weird self.

  4. hillary! on #

    I wish I could go to one of these *con* thingies…Justine, you are so lucky! and especially to be going in such great company! Can you at least film some of the Con, not the train?

  5. Rebecca on #


    but i was actually referring to the con, not the train. i wanna see maureen’s wonder woman costume. 😀

  6. kim on #

    i agree. video the con.

  7. Rebecca James on #

    I can understand your excitement ovet the train – LOVE train rides!

  8. Isabella on #

    “what happens on DragonTrain stays on DragonTrain”. teehee 🙂
    But yeah, I think that filming the con would be a great idea!

  9. Rebecca on #

    ha! 5 votes to 1. 😀

    i went on a train in kindergarten once. twas fun.

  10. hillary! on #

    I have a question about Scott, well about *Fine Prey* and *Extras*, the school in *Fine Prey* is called Aya and the main character of *Extras* is named Aya. Is this a coincidence, or does he just really like the name, or did he forget?

  11. Patrick on #



    What was that I read the other day about good bloggers who don’t blog everyday even when they are at huge conferences in Atlanta?

  12. Justine on #

    There will be no videoing of anything. I threw Maureen’s camera out the window of the train. It was swallowed by the kudzu.

    Hillary!: He says he just really likes the name. When he finally gets the pet monkey he longs for it will also be called Aya.

    Patrick: Whatcha talking about. I’m blogging, ain’t I? Haven’t missed a day in two months.

  13. Patrick on #

    I’m now beginning to realize that I must have too much time on my hands…

    Why aren’t people blogging 5 times a day?

  14. Patrick on #


    I figured it out.

    I’m suffering from scalzi withdrawal

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