Beluga whales

The train trip was fun. Biggest difference between travelling by air in the US of A and travelling by train is that the staff are happy and relaxed and like to talk to you. We heard all sorts of stories about train life (includuing gruesome stuff about what happens when someone throws themself under one).

Although the cabins are kind of on the squalorous side—especially compared to first class sleepers in Europe—it was fun hanging with Holly and Theo and Cassie and Maureen while kudzu covered forests zipped by. We dissected the YA publishing world, described the plots of our next five books, and planned collaborations that will never ever happen but would be amazing if they did. I could live on a train with those guys forever!

Except that would mean not staring at the beluga whales at the Georgia aquarium. We were the first people into that part of the aquarium this morning. It was just me and Scott standing in front of Nico as he pirouetted and somersaulted over and over again in front of us. Staring back at us as intently as we were staring at him. We could see the texture of his skin. Every scar, every pore. I have never been so close to such a large mammal in all my life. I could have stayed there for hours.

Tomorrow DragonCon begins. We’ve already seen our first klingons. I suspect there will be photos. Lots of them.


  1. janet on #

    Alice has a book called “Baby Beluga,” based on a song by Raffi. Here name for the book is “Baby Doodah” which, of course, we find amazingly cute.

  2. vicky on #

    that reminds me of this one time we went on a boat trip somewhere inland, and passed a whole pod of whales swimming in sync not far from us. they weren’t close enough for us to see them in much detail, which would have been nice, but in retrospect i think it was even cooler to watch them together from far off.

  3. cecil on #

    oh to be on a train with you guys!

    Thank you for posting about it. I’ve been thinking of you all this past day!


  4. jenny d on #

    whales and klingons! a delightful start to the day!

  5. hillary! on #

    I used to use trains all the time, travelling betwixt N. Oregon and SoCal. Now the only time I use trains is when I go to visit the pater’s ‘rents. But back when I was 6, I was enthralled with how fast the trees flew by, or beautiful the mountains were just as the sun rose or set. Now, all I see is naked people in their pools. Not good for my brain.

    Justine, it sounds like you had a good time, is MJ gonna post? And thank you for the Aya clarification, and for spelling my name correctly this time.

    I love whales! They’re so gorgeous! When we were in Mexico, we saw some dolphins; but the whales were up north, so I was a little sad.

    Now, I’m gonna go read Patrick’s blog.

  6. Rebecca on #

    klingons!! bloodwine!! ahahahahahhaha. ha.

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